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WTF Wednesday February 8, 2012

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New Age Beverage?


I found this sign while I was shopping for a few things at Food 4 Less. Now, I don’t usually shop at Food 4 Less because even though you can save a lot of money there, the ambience is lacking. Plus, you are forced to bag your own groceries, which never seems like it should be my job. Food 4 Less is good for Mexican foods, which is what I needed the day I found myself there.

So I literally did a screeeeeeeech. Backed up my cart (beep, beep, beep) and stared at this sign for a while.

What is a new age beverage?

I’ve heard of a lot of new age stuff. I know a lot of people who would fit absolutely perfectly under the title of “new age”. There are the avid Whole Foods shoppers, yogis, people who practice Reiki, meditation, those who only eat food grown on their organic farms, Dr. Deepak Choprah, Dr. Wayne Dyer, new age music, the Age of Aquarius, astrology, and crystal healing.

So WTF is a new age beverage? I googled it. It turns out that it is a brand name. New Age Beverage produces Aspen Pure Rocky Mountain water as well as All Natural Xintea- a blend of back and green tea. Also falling into the “new age category” are energy drinks.

The most favorite thing I found about “new age” is the following YouTube video. It turns out I have a touch of “new age” myself.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


Super Bowl Success . . . And I’m Not Talking Football February 6, 2012

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I am not in this picture. I forgot my phone and couldn't take pictures so enjoy this one in place of the real picture. Just keep in mind that me and my ladies are far more attractive. ūüôā

Not every weekend at the Woolsey house is a fun one; especially in the winter when we cannot get the kids outside to play as easily.  Some weekends I am over life at about 9am, wondering what we will do to fill the rest of the day with all these kids of ours.

But as the kids get older, I do feel that things may be starting to get easier. ¬†Our Super Bowl Sunday turned into a day of parties, which in the past would have been quite stressful for Chris and I, trying to manage four young children at someone else’s house; wondering if everyone at the party was watching us thinking “what a circus” or “they have their hands full” or our personal favorite “boy, I thought I had it bad with my two kids and then I see you guys and I don’t feel so bad about my situation anymore.”

We went next door to our new neighbors’ Lea and Ryan’s house (read the entry on our new neighbor’s coming in a few days) for the first half of the Super Bowl, and to our other neighbor friend’s house Ed and Heidi for the second half. ¬†The kids were all ecstatic to be going to parties. ¬†I do appreciate my kids’ love of a good party. ¬†We walked over a few bushes and across a lawn to get to the party, which was most conveniently close. ¬†Preston brought his garden tools, including the lawnmower, trimmer and weed wacker. ¬†Ava brought herself with all of her crazy energy. ¬†She had about seven friends from school at the party which meant non-stop playing for hours. ¬†The little girl’s immediately found the girl’s room in the house, which included a stroller, stuffed animals and dolls, and they traded off playing with the stroller all afternoon.

Other than feeding those kids some wieners, chips, olives and cupcakes, the food of Super Bowl champions, I did not see them. ¬†Instead, the mommies gathered around the kitchen and drank some mysterious cocktail that Lea made, which included Mike’s Hard Lemonade, iced tea, vodka to name a few ingredients.

We did not have crying, whining, complaining, harassing, tattling, fighting, or general bad behavior from our children one time during the course of the Super Bowl evening, which lasted from 3 until 7:30.

Chris and I have dreamed of this day for four years. ¬†We have dreamed of the day when we can take all four of our kids somewhere and we aren’t running around like maniacs trying to accommodate every one and put out fires along the way.

This is not to say that we are altogether done spending way too much time accommodating cute little people and putting out fires at dinner parties, but I could tell that we had made it past some of the hardest times.

I remember having a conversation with a dad of quadruplets — three girls and a boy. ¬†Like us, they also have an older daughter. ¬†So basically, our multiples scenario plus one. ¬†My triplets were just babies at the time, and they were good babies and Chris and I had a nanny throughout the week, which was extremely helpful. I wasn’t feeling the stress and overwhelming nature of triplets too badly yet. ¬†This dad of quads was describing some of what they had been through with his then 3-year-old quads. ¬†At the end he stopped, and with a far away look he said, “we were really put through the ringer.” ¬†It wasn’t so much what he said right then that affected me, but how he said it. ¬†He seems to be in such a far away place remembering the stress and emotion that he and his wife felt being torn in so many directions.

Through this last year, I have remembered him a lot as I have felt that we are “being put through the ringer” by having to manage three-year old triplets with all of their needs and meltdowns and sibling rivalry, along with a seven-year old child who requires a lot of constant stimulation.

So yesterday felt like a milestone.

As our family of six invaded down on our next Super Bowl party, the kids dispersed and kicked in to full play mode while our friends and Chris and I sat at the kitchen table and enjoyed some soup.

As the Super Bowl came to an end, me watching a total of 5 minutes of the entire game, Chris and I embraced. ¬†Not because New York won the Super Bowl. ¬†We embraced because we have been through a lot in the past four years and we both knew that we were arriving at the promised land. ¬†The “it will only get easier” phase of raising multiples that we have been promised by other parents of multiples.

Every stage of parenting comes with its unique challenges and rewards; I love and appreciate this fact. ¬†Zero to five is the I am strong-willed and know everything and want everything when I want it yet I really can’t do everything for myself yet stage. Six to ten are the school years where their brains are growing and learning and as parents we must be on top of school work and social development. ¬†Eleven and twelve are the tween years, the dreaded middle school years, where school is kicked up a big notch in difficulty and kids are experimenting and beginning to rebel. ¬†Thirteen to 18 — the teen years. ¬†Dun Dun Dun (the dramatic sound). ¬†Enough said.

Nobody ever said it was easy taking a 7 pound (on average) wrinkly little helpless baby and turning them in to a happy, successful adult.  Most of us are just doing the best we can as parents and appreciating those moments where we feel we have achieved along the way.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


WTF Wednesday February 1, 2012

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This is how Preston likes to roll in our front yard. ¬†He is only wearing his underwear and a pair of white socks. He is holding a pink wand, which he waves violently in the air as he rides his quad. ¬†It is embarrassing when the neighbors drive by. ¬†It is also only 50 degrees outside and this kid doesn’t have an ounce of fat on his body to keep him warm.

I am sure when I wasn’t looking he pulled down his underpants and mooned somebody, because that is what he likes to do. ¬†Either that or peed in my bushes, because he also likes to do that.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


Birthday List

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Ava didn’t ask for a single thing for her birthday or for Christmas until about a year ago when she was six.  I don’t know why she wasn’t interested in making a list of everything her heart delights since she is somewhat of an insatiable child.  Put that on the list of things that did not interest her.

The triplets, however, come up with verbal essays on all the things they want for their birthday and Christmas, and then they fight with each other because someone interrupts the other during the 10 minute long dissertation.

I was subjected to the above scenario yesterday while driving to the gym.¬† It is always Preston who starts in on it and he has the longest list, and when his sisters get tired of listening to his birthday desires, they begin talking right on top of him verbalizing their lists.¬† Then Preston screams ‚ÄúSTOP! I WAS TALKING!‚ÄĚ and the warfare begins.

I was so aggravated by the time I got to the gym that I was thanking any divine and heavenly spirits around me that I was headed to yoga for some peace and deep breathing.

Every day Violet says ‚Äúhow many days until it be my birthday?‚ÄĚ and everyday I have to make up a number.¬† She is usually satisfied with my response until the next day comes when she has to ask all over again.

This is Preston’s long birthday wish list this year:

  1. new lawnmower
  2. weed wacker
  3. garden blower
  4. buzz lightyear shoes
  5. buzz lightyear socks
  6. a garbage truck
  7. a propane truck
  8. a ladder ‚Äď smaller kind
  9. a truck to put his garden tools in

10. buzz lightyear sunglasses

That is all I can remember. I think there was more.

I told him his list is very long ‚Äď perhaps too long and that it would cost too much money to get him all of those gifts.¬† His reply is ‚Äúya!‚ÄĚ like he is proud at how many presents that he came up with for his birthday, not like, ‚Äúya, I agree, that is a little overboard.‚ÄĚ

So far, this is what I have from Preston’s list.  The Toy Story Woody and Buzz Lightyear light-up sneaker.

And this is Preston using his sub-par old lawnmower with his gardening pal Mr. Bill.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


Lion Mamas January 27, 2012

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Yesterday I had a bad day. I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. For this, I blame my kids. I was woken at 6am by Violet and Elsa screaming at each other in the bedroom. One of them had inflicted some pain on the other. Our house rule is that no one comes out of their room or down the stairs until their clock says 7am. I don’t want to hear from them unless someone has an injury. This mothership greatly values sleep.

Along with getting woken up too early, I couldn’t fall asleep last night. Ava and I were watching this documentary called The Last Lion (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PoAcNdeEf_Y). It was about the last wild lions on the planet. They live in Africa in the bush. The movie is about their struggle for survival among all the other wild animals. These lions are fighting for their lives against other lion tribes, herds of huge buffalo, hyena, crocodiles, etc. I don’t want to give the movie up but the documentarian follow this mama and her three lions cubs. [SPOILER ALERT] One of the cubs gets eaten by a crocodile and the other gets trampled by buffalo while mama is out looking for food. She is still alive but she has a broken back and has to walk on her front legs with her back legs dragging behind her, useless. You can see the mama lion struggle with the big decision about what to do with this injured baby. She looks out the savannah and ponders for a few minutes. Ultimately, she knows that she cannot save a baby with a broken back, so she walks off and leaves that baby cub by herself to die.

I cried. It is every moms worst nightmare. I couldn’t fall asleep because I couldn’t get that baby cub crying for her mama out of my head. I literally sat in bed for two hours trying to forget about the painful decision that the mama lion had to make. Finally I took a Tylenol PM.

At midnight, I was also thinking about how buffalo stick so closely together as a herd. If one buffalo is in danger, the entire huge herd comes to that its rescue. I felt like those buffalo may treat each other better than humans do. They have each other’s back at all costs. They work as a village to help each other out. They don’t have to worry about mortgages, 401K retirement plans or the stock exchange. They just work together to survive. It was inspirational.

I have a hard time with these wild animal movies focusing on survival. I always have. When I was in the dorms in San Luis Obispo, my good friend Nicola, who is from South Africa, used to subject all of us to these African wild animal movies. I would always excuse myself. She didn’t understand because it is just nature after all. But nature is cruel and violent at times.

Anyway, so I had a bad sleep and spent the first part of the day irritated at my children. You know, one of those days that you wish someone else was the mom to these children and you were traveling the world experiencing new cultures and foods. Or maybe that is just me. I was tired of cleaning up their hoarding messes that they leave all over the house — this is where they get bags and boxes and fill them with random shit from all corners of my house. The funny thing is that it was hard staying mad at them because they are so cute and sweet and they love me so unconditionally. They are not trying to drive me crazy, they are just acting their age and there are four of them, so I am always outnumbered and overwhelmed. I need some buffalo to come with their herd for support.

Then there was the bus incident, which occurred in the afternoon. According to Ava, she was reading her book on the bus when a fifth grade girl “took my book, LOST MY PAGE, and then gave my book to someone else.” Ava reacted by calling this girl rude, repeatedly. Whatever Ava feels or thinks comes immediately out of her mouth without ever getting the chance to be reviewed by her common sense or the potential emotional maturity that may be trapped inside her little body. Ava felt that she was standing up for herself, but perhaps she could’ve used better language in doing so. The girl who took her book was just being playful, but her playfulness was misconstrued by Ava who doesn’t always have the greatest sense of humor when the joke is on her. Chris and I had to use this incident as a teaching moment; how we talk to people and what she could’ve done differently next time.

The lion mama struggled to find food for her cubs and keep them alive in the dangerous African savannah. Human mamas have to worry about feeding their babies and keeping them protected from the bad people or freak accidents also. In addition, we have to guide, shape and mold our children to fit into society, be good people and hopefully be successful based on the ethics we have instilled in them. These traits are not always human instinct. This last part is the hardest I believe. But if our children break bones, human mamas can take them to the doctor to get fixed, rather than leaving them on the playground to die. So we humans have that going for us, which is nice.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


WTF Wednesday January 25, 2012

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One of the many smoke alarms in my house

Dear smoke alarms,

Why do you insist on running out of batteries in the middle of the night, waking up a household of people who dearly need sleep?  Also, smoke alarms, why must you always warn us you are out of batteries in the middle of the night by chirping the most obnoxious beep known to human kind?

This is not a rare occurrence.  This beep warning happens in the middle of the night EVERY TIME!  And they run out of batteries ALL THE TIME.


Around midnight just as Preston was calming down from his croup episode and we were all starting to doze off I heard the dreaded BEEEEEP! ¬†Sage came running in crying because she doesn’t like loud high pitches noises (I think she may have sensory integration disorder). ¬†Chris was sound asleep. ¬†It was yet another smoke alarm needing a new battery.

So there was Chris, in his boxers trying to figure out where the BEEEEP was coming from. ¬†After 10 minutes, he located it in Ava’s room. ¬†She wasn’t fazed by it since she was still sound asleep. ¬†When she awoke to her dad up on the ladder in my her room at midnight, Ava said, “why is it that every time the smoke alarm is chirping, you are there?” as if Chris is causing the smoke alarm to go off. She is on to him and his efforts to make her life miserable.

My house is 12 years old now.  I would hope that there is a better system for smoke alarms and their imminent loss of battery power today.


The Mothership


Croup January 24, 2012

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With the Internet, the iPad and smart phones at our fingertips, we have all become experts in everything in the world.

Last night, Chris and I became doctors.

We had just turned out the lights for a long winters nap at 10:45pm when I heard crying. ¬†It was Preston. ¬†This kid doesn’t wake up too often crying when he is supposed to be sleeping, unlike his triplet counterparts. ¬†I ran upstairs to see what was the matter. ¬†I immediately noticed that Preston was wheezing, like he was struggling to breathe. ¬†My mom radar went off immediately and I brought him downstairs. ¬†Chris was also concerned. ¬†His wheezing was vibrating throughout his entire back. ¬†When he coughed, it sounded like his lungs may collapse. ¬†It was horrible to listen to.

We got the nebulizer out, which I must say should be a staple in every home with children, and gave Preston a breathing treatment.  His wheezing improved, but because the breathing treatment is a steroid to open up the lungs and make breathing easier, Preston was wired.

At 4:45am Preston woke up again with the horrible wheezing and cough.  That is when it hit me.  He has croup!  I have never had a kid that had croup but I have heard about it in the murmurings of fellow moms.

Chris got out his iPad and confirmed that in his expert technological research, I had made the correct diagnosis. ¬†The Internet is a scary place. ¬†According to the Internet, we should’ve called 911 with the symptoms Preston was exhibiting. ¬†I think if it weren’t for the Nebulizer, we would have done just that.

Preston woke up this morning and all of his wheezing and coughing was gone.  It was like last night never happened.  Apparently this is called spasmodic croup; it comes at night and symptoms can clear during the day but then recur again at night.

When we called the on-call nurse at our doctor’s office, he said that we had done everything perfectly. ¬†I think we missed our calling. ¬†Or we are just good at looking things up on the Internet.

Now I am hoping that his croup symptoms do not come back tonight. If they do, this Internet doctor is ready with humidifiers, nebulizers and Ibuprofen.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.