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WTF Wednesday February 29, 2012

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I stopped by Old Navy the other day.  It yielded anti-frugal results.

I had spent all of January and half of February in a shopping cleanse.  I must say, not spending money and buying on impulse is exhilarating.  I would see fabulous sales on the Garnet Hill or Athleta websites and I would be forced to ask myself, “do I really need this item, or do I just WANT it.”  The answer was always “i just want it.”  What I NEEDED was to spend $350 on gas and $350 0n my electric bills in one month, apparently.

I had a sort of binge session at Old Navy the other day, and the above image is the receipt I have to show for it.


Sadly, this receipt is only 3/4 of the actual receipt since the full receipt was ripped accidentally.

Old Navy was having an incredible sale on kids’ clothing. Unbelievable.  The bottom line is that I just can’t pass up incredible deals when faced with adorable children’s clothing.  So, I bought bathing suits, shorts, sundresses, fancy girls’ shoes.

I spent $450 at Old Navy.  I saved $250.  In other words I bought $650 in clothing.  I like to spin it like this: I needed some birthday presents for my little girls who love pretty things, so I bought them some birthday presents and saved $250!

I did use my Old Navy credit card and, as the very friendly gay spunky Old Navy employee informed me, I am going to be receiving a whole $20 back in Old Navy Bucks.

So I have that going for me, which is nice.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


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