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New Neighbors February 21, 2012

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When I learned my neighbors right next door to us were short selling their home I began to panic. Who would my new neighbors be? After all, they do live right next door to me. I can see their house from my front and back yard. They can somewhat see our backyard through the forest of Redwood trees we planted so our neighbors could not seeing us skinny dipping in our hot tub.

Not that the neighbors we have had for the last five years were that great. The dad was always screaming at his teenage son. He would smoke in his backyard, which would inconveniently waft to our backyard. There were also the slew of animals on the property. The lady of the house worked at an animal rescue facility so there were a number of animals in and out of that place at all times. Their cats would come and poop in our backyard and in our sandbox that I eventually got rid of.

Neighbors are a big deal. So I began to imagine what kind of person was going to move into this house next to us. Would they have vicious dogs that barked at all hours of the day and night? Would they be old and grumpy? Would they be missing any important front teeth?

Much to my sheer delight, I learned that my new neighbors are very young cool people, and their son is in Ava’s 2nd grade class. They also have a daughter who is only a year younger than Ava. When Ava learned her friends were moving in next door she called everyone she could to tell them the excellent news. She said “now I can have a play date every day!”

Well, so far she has had a play date every day practically. It is insanely good in every way. Now instead of having four kids playing in my yard in the afternoon, I have six, which is great.

The neighbor parents are around our age (spring chickens).  The mom went to high school with my sister.  We have mutual friends. It is going to be a fun summer of laying next to the pool sipping gin and tonics or martinis while we watch our kids play in our pool.

Now maybe my neighbor on the other side will move out and a set of four-year old triplets will move in.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


4 Responses to “New Neighbors”

  1. Lea smith Says:

    You guys rock!!!

  2. Kim Pugliano Says:

    We have such craziness in our neighborhood that when we aren’t gossiping amongst each other and I don’t have my ear pressed to the wall (sometimes it isn’t even necessary! Yay!) I blog about it top secretively. We never luck out. There are 4 girls Noah’s age in our neighborhood. Can I get some testosterone in here?!

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