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WTF Wednesday February 8, 2012

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New Age Beverage?


I found this sign while I was shopping for a few things at Food 4 Less. Now, I don’t usually shop at Food 4 Less because even though you can save a lot of money there, the ambience is lacking. Plus, you are forced to bag your own groceries, which never seems like it should be my job. Food 4 Less is good for Mexican foods, which is what I needed the day I found myself there.

So I literally did a screeeeeeeech. Backed up my cart (beep, beep, beep) and stared at this sign for a while.

What is a new age beverage?

I’ve heard of a lot of new age stuff. I know a lot of people who would fit absolutely perfectly under the title of “new age”. There are the avid Whole Foods shoppers, yogis, people who practice Reiki, meditation, those who only eat food grown on their organic farms, Dr. Deepak Choprah, Dr. Wayne Dyer, new age music, the Age of Aquarius, astrology, and crystal healing.

So WTF is a new age beverage? I googled it. It turns out that it is a brand name. New Age Beverage produces Aspen Pure Rocky Mountain water as well as All Natural Xintea- a blend of back and green tea. Also falling into the “new age category” are energy drinks.

The most favorite thing I found about “new age” is the following YouTube video. It turns out I have a touch of “new age” myself.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


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