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Birds and Bees January 20, 2012

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I woke up at 6:15 this morning and texted Chris, who was in the family room, asking him if he could please bring me some coffee. I told him that if he did I would be his best friend.

He must have really wanted me to be his best friend because my coffee came delivered in bed a few minutes later.

While I sipped on my coffee I eavesdropped on a conversation taking place in the kitchen between Ava and Chris. Ava had a few questions to ask. She was a very curious girl this morning.

First, as Ava is eating her cereal she bursts out “Well daddy,who tells you when you can have a baby? All of a sudden there is a bump in the belly!” The premise of this questions was why all of a sudden is someone pregnant? How does this happen? Chris says, “well, when a man and a woman love each other very much they decide to have a baby together.”

This wasn’t enough. Ava had more questions, and it turns out her next question was getting down to the fundamentals of the birds and the bees.

“Well how does it happen that a baby is made?” Chris says, “when two people love each other and get married, they have a baby together.”

Ava says, “well how?”

This is about the point when I, laying in my bed sipping my coffee, chuckled to myself and pulled the covers over my head in hopes that I wouldn’t be dragged into this conversation.

Chris is faced with a conundrum: does he launch into the birds and bees discussion, right there at the breakfast table at 6:30am, which Ava will most certainly relay to her friends Kendall and Lauren in the car on the way to the bus stop? Or does he just smooth it over and hope it goes away quickly?

Chris chose option #2. He said, “when two people are married they have a baby by loving each other.”

YUCK! That was Ava’s reply. That is the moment when Chris knew that he had made the right decision by not getting too graphic or detailed.

So all morning I thought about how amazing it is that I have a daughter who is just at the right age to start asking about the birds and the bees. I specifically remember being her age and very curious about how babies got into people’s bellies. It is such a crazy abstract concept when you are young.

Now I am going to have to come up with a strategy on what I will say the next time Ava wants to bring up the birds and the bees at any random point during the day. Right now I am ill-prepared. I dodged the bullet this time, but if I know my daughter, she will not let this curiosity go until she is fully educated and understands the answers to the question at hand.

I think I will need a few martinis before I sit down for that conversation.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


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  1. OH MY GOSH. I want her. Please send her soon. Mom and I will take her clothes shopping (since we’ve never bought girl clothes before for our kids)

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