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And We Have a Winner January 14, 2012

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After heavy debate and ridiculous indecision, I have a winner for my contest to help me find a new name for my blog.


The new name of my blog is “The Hip Mothership”, with a $25 gift certificate going out to the beautiful, creative and funny Alyssa. She found something fun and catchy that rhymes, which is always a plus, especially for my dad who doesn’t think a poem is a poem unless it rhymes. So I hope my dad really appreciates this blog name.

The runner-up was “Mothership Musings”, also a good one but there are a lot of blogs with the word “musings” in it. Plus it is not as fun as “The Hip Mothership”. Early on in the process Chris came up with The Dalai Momma”, which is super cool, but it was already taken. Then we thought of “The Manic Mothership”, which is how I feel a lot, but when we looked up the definition, the meaning of the word is more related to an insane person who is on medication and not a busy crazed mom trying to juggle a litter of children. The Manic Mothership may be right for me in a few years. You never know.

We are quite happy with the new name. Chris wasn’t immediately sold because he thought a more self-deprecating name would be fun. I wasn’t immediately sold because I wasn’t sure I was actually hip enough to carry the title. Then I thought, hip doesn’t have to mean I am a fashionista, or the coolest mom on the block. Hip can mean I am current on popular culture and popular parenting, and I try my hardest not to go out in public in frumpy mom-wear like ugly sweats. Fight the frump, fight the frump! This is literally what I say to myself in the morning when I am debating whether to wear my super comfortable blue sweats or my nice new designer jeans.

“Hip” in the Urban Dictionary has the following definition: The state of being in-the-know, including, but not limited to, being stylish or fashionable. So I will try to be my hippest and we will see if I can live up to my name.

We are working with a blog designer to put together a cool new look. That should be launched in March.

I am going to be writing shorter, one topic blogs more often so I won’t be emailing everyone every time I publish.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


2 Responses to “And We Have a Winner”

  1. Karen Says:

    Love the name. I was thinking it should be something with Mothership in it!
    I always want to be notified.

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