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Beach Body January 11, 2012

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We booked a trip to Maui, Hawaii at the end of March with the kids, my sister and her family and my parents. Since then I have done really strange things to try to create a bikini-ready body.

For example, when I am laying in bed, suddenly I will turn on my side and begin doing leg lifts. If I am folding laundry I will suddenly break out into a plank (holding for 1 minute of course). Today I was walking from the bathroom to the family room and I got down and did a quick ten push ups (girl style since my puny ass arms have never been able to lift my body weight).

It is like Jane Fonda from the 80s has taken over my body.

I am fighting my afternoon snack attack with all the will power I own, which isn’t much. So, instead of getting my own bag of Annie’s snacks with the delicious pretzels and flavored bunnies, I gave them to my kids and waited for them to be done with them, then I devoured the rest like a hungry great white shark in a school of seals. It’s pathetic.

And then there is wine. Oh how I crave a glass of wine each night to take the edge of my manic day. Just one extra-large glass of Barbera or maybe a Cab blend. I deserve it. But no. I must try to hold out until the weekend comes when I am fully justified to get sloshed.

The sacrifices we make to look the way society thinks we should look is definitely not fun. I recently read on Pinterest that to burn off just one measly M&M, you must walk the entire length of a football field. I think about that when I want to go into the pantry and grab just one of those delicious salted caramel chocolates that Chris got in super sized container from Costco.

Then there is my yoga. I recently started doing hot yoga at a brand new studio inside my gym. The room is heated to about 95 degrees. We do 1 hour of full on yoga poses, holding them until the sweat is dripping into my eyeballs and down my cleavage. Then we do some balancing poses, some stomach exercises, some bridge and finally we lay down for Shavasana (final rest). In my earlier yoga classes I used to wish Shavasana was over because I would get bored and it was usually too cold in the studio for me. Now in Radiant Yoga, I collapse into Shavasana with such gratitude, and I wish for it to never end.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


One Response to “Beach Body”

  1. Molly Says:

    I am totally doing the same thing. Get down and give me 20!

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