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Dreams January 6, 2012

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New Year’s bike/scooter ride along the bike trail

Our first trip to Whole Foods.  The first of many to drain my bank account but provide my

family with hormone-free, naturally grown food

I had a scary dream last night. I know that listening to other people’s dreams is really boring — only interesting to the person who had the dream — but my dream has a bigger point.

My dream was that Chris lost his job.  You know how dreams work – skipping from one event or conversation to the next without transition.  So, Chris tells me that he lost his job.  Next thing I know I find Chris working at Kohl’s.  I ask him what the heck he is doing wearing a Kohl’s uniform sitting in the lunchroom.  He says, “I work here now.”  I said, “what?? You work at Kohl’s?  How much are you getting paid?” Chris replies, “$7.50 an hour”.  “Seven dollars and fifty cents an hour!  We are going to lose everything.  Our house.  Our possessions.  We will never be able to go anywhere.  I will have to cancel all the kids’ extracurricular activities, including preschool.”

That is the last thing I remember before my dream ended. My dream left a lasting uneasy feeling in my belly all day.  I realized that there are so many people all around us who are in even worse positions than I was in my dream.  Some people lost their jobs and cannot even find a $7.50 per hour paying job.  Some people don’t have a home to live in and don’t even know how they will be able to afford to rent.

You never know how someone might feel until you walk a mile in their moccasins right?  This dream gave me, for a brief time, the realism of what it must feel like to be in the hopeless position many have found themselves in over the last several years with a failing economy and housing market.

My dream was an important reminder not to take your blessings in life for granted.  That dream made me appreciate that Chris has a good job and we live in a nice home and we are comfortable and well taken care of.  Life sends reminders to be gratuitous from time to time.

Life has also sent me a reminder that no matter how much I want to protect my children, they are still going to get hurt, either physically or emotionally.  My little triplets were roughhousing on Preston’s bed the other night when all of a sudden I hear this loud CLUNK.  That clunk was Violet’s head hitting the wooden train table.  She cried hard.  I was cuddling her when I saw a trickle of blood roll down her face.  I immediately knew it wasn’t going to be good.  I knew it.  I followed the line of blood to a big gaping gash in her scalp.  Chris and I panicked for about 30 seconds and then Chris got in the car and drove Violet to Urgent Care, which was luckily still open at 8pm.  They ended up putting 4 staples in her head.  It’s disgusting.  Violet was a brave little girl. I felt this strange guilt that I knew they were all playing on Preston’s bed and I didn’t stop them before the accident happened.

Parents cannot prevent every accident, but we can try to remove our children from potentially dangerous situations.  That is where I failed.

The mothership is still imperfect.

Happy New Year!

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


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