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Polar Express December 12, 2011

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Last Wednesday the Woolseys and Hosseinis took the kids on the Sacramento Polar Express.  This show is so popular in Sacramento that it sells out to the general public in two hours.  I splurged on the tickets (it cost us $170) because I thought the triplets would really love it.  The triplets tend to be very impressed and appreciative of everything we do.

Ava is a different story.  We took Ava on the Polar Express when she was just 4 years old.  She was less than impressed.  Many years later I couldn’t quite recall what led me to the conclusion that she wasn’t impressed, so I did a search on my blog and found the entry I did three years ago about it and got the scoop.  Apparently Ava called bullshit on the North Pole. At the end of the Polar Express train ride you land at the “North Pole” where Santa and his elves are there waving their white-gloved hands at the train onlookers.  Ava said, “that’s not the real North Pole is it?” in disbelief that this pathetic rinky dink display was the wonderful North Pole where Santa and his elves live making toys for all the boys and girls.  Ava also gave Santa’s helper a dirty look.  She was big on dirty looks in those days.  The next day she complained because she thought we would be able to watch the movie on the train, not just listen to the book.  Those were trying times.

This year I noticed that there was an improved North Pole (which Ava still called bullshit on).  Also this year, Ava had two sisters, one brother, two cousins and an Aunt and Uncle to enjoy the experience with.  Everyone had a great time.  No one was disappointed.


I have so many Ava-isms all the time but I forget about them when it comes time to write my blog.  I thought this one was funny and actually remembered it.

As you may recall, Ava does not believe in the tooth fairy.  She tries to go along with the program so she can get herself a little cold hard cash, but she isn’t buying the story at all.  We were working on a school timeline assignment.  We chose when she lost her first tooth as an item on her timeline.  While she was at school I found her first tooth and put it on her timeline.  When she got home and saw it she said,”See!!  There is no such thing as the tooth fairy otherwise you wouldn’t have my tooth, the tooth fairy would.  I told you!”

I was speechless.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


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