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Tree December 6, 2011

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It was that time again this past Sunday.  Time to butcher another tree and plop it in front of a window, hang the lights and ornaments and then proceed to vacuum up fallen needles for the next 20 days.  I must say that despite that last sentence, I am feeling a lot more in the Christmas spirit this year.  Last year I was a honory old scrooge about having to get eight boxes of decorations out and then spending  a week decorating on top of my usual long list of household responsibilities.

This year we went to Prenderosa Tree Farm off of Highway 49 (http://www.prenderosa.com/).  It was close to my house and they had a great selection of Christmas Trees to chop down and kill.  The farm has a couple of fire pits going and they hand out hot apple cider and bags of marshmallows to roast over an open flame.  Unfortunately, Molly and Nima input the address but not the city in their GPS and ended up out in Jackson about an hour or more past Prenderosa.  They were not happy.  They arrived just in time for us to leave, but also in time for mom to get her coveted yearly Christmas picture.  Check it out – no one in my family is screaming their head off or refusing to take the picture this year.  The Woolseys are really making progress.  The Domestics were also up with us because they do enjoy the Christmas tree hunt with us.


With four kids, decorating our two Christmas trees was an amazingly quick and efficient process.  It was like decorating in fast motion.  They decorated the upstairs tree in about 10 minutes and the huge downstairs tree in about 20 minutes.

To celebrate another year of Christmas tree acquisition and decoration, Chris and I went out to dinner with The Domestics to Cascada in Placerville where I drank not one, not two, but three margaritas and spent half the night awake, feeling gross and dehydrated.

Preston had his first sleepover with his cousin Ronin on Saturday night.  He was so excited and he felt so special.  We got a big fat “NO FAIR” from Ava because “I am older and I haven’t even ever had a sleepover with someone my own age.  NO FAIR!” As Preston left the house with his little sleepover backpack, he gave each of his sister’s a hug and a kiss goodbye.  The sleepover was a big success.  Ronin and Preston slept in the same room.  Preston was a little scared but Ronin consoled him by reminding him how beautiful his room is and that it isn’t scary.  Preston had a great time but his mommy missed cuddling with him on Sunday morning.  Next time we will have Ronin over and he can experience Preston’s life with three sisters who all have strong personalities.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


One Response to “Tree”

  1. Nima’s Season 1: GPS Mysteries is great. Thanks for sharing, Meg, and for remarking about the pine needles and noting your super improvement in the Holiday season! Nice! C-u-soon!
    Love, Will

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