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Halloween!! November 2, 2011

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Each year we keep our tradition of meeting my awesome neighbors in the park for a pre-Halloween meet and greet.  We bring food to share and the kids run and play in the park before we all head out to trick or treat.  It is important to keep these traditions as the kids are growing up because they are cherished so much from year to year.  The other day Ava asked me what “traditions” mean and I explained to her that it is all the special things that we do the same way each year, like meeting in the park with all our friends before we trick or treat.

So the adults bring our beer and wine and of course indulge while the kids munch on food and admire each others costumes.  Then we say ok lets go trick or treating and it is like a bunch of greyhounds charging from the gates for the big race around the park.  The kids take off sprinting in their costumes and they don’t stop running for a very long time.

My little triplets can’t keep up with the bigger kids but they try.  It was interesting because about a quarter way through trick or treating Chris and I had to stop the triplets for a little Halloween manner lesson.  This is how it was going at each house:  Elsa asking if she can have a chocolate candy, Violet demanding a candy with a red wrapper, and at one point I heard Preton shout “why are your candies so small??”  So embarrassing.  My kids do not have a problem asking for what they want or speaking their mind.  I am 100% sure this is from being a triplet, with Ava as their older sister being a little icing on the cake.

So we explained that we don’t demand a certain candy, that we get what we get and we don’t throw a fit (a saying they know well).  But this was very difficult for them.  When presented with a person holding a bucket of candy out in front of them, they just couldn’t help but shout out which one they wanted.  Ava on the other hand is an old pro – a perfect example of great Halloween trick or treating etiquette.

The first kids to throw in the towel were Violet and Elsa.  They wanted to go home.  Violet had to go pee and she said she was tired of walking.  So I took the little girls home and they settled themselves down in the hall and began the process of sorting, organizing and eating their candy.  I let them eat as much candy as they wanted and they took me up on it.  Later Preston and Ava joined in.  They ate Candy for an hour straight and then we made them go to bed.  It was a fun night.

But I’m glad its over.

And now I have 4 buckets of candy that I keep dabbling in. I need to throw it all away but I greatly fear the backlash from my children.  A friend once told me to offer my kids money to trade for each piece of candy.  Have you met my kids?  There is no amount of money that could compensate them for their candy.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


One Response to “Halloween!!”

  1. candy Says:

    oh my gosh Megan. I am so glad you did not do serious injury to yourself. I hope you are all excited about the upcoming holidays. I think of you often and send good thoughts.

    Hugs, Candy

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