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Gobble 2011 November 27, 2011

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We made our annual Thanksgiving trip this last week, starting in San Luis Obispo and moving our way down to Thousand Oaks to spend the holiday with The Domestics.

We have come a long way since we started this trip years ago when the triplets were just babies.  The first Thanksgiving we drove to Thousand Oaks with all four kids the babies were only nine months old.  We drove in the middle of the night so the kids would sleep.  It was miserable because Chris and I would spend seven hours trying not to fall asleep and occasionally a kid would wake up screaming.

Then we graduated to the daytime drive which was just as miserable in a different way.  I would attempt to sit in the front seat, but would end up risking my life cruising the entire minivan meeting the needs of each child.  They dropped their binkies, blankets and stuffed animals.  They needed a snack.  They were pissed that they were tied down in a car for hour upon hour.

Now we have finally gotten to a good place where the kids know that they will have to sit in the car for a very long time in order to get to the promised land.  I have a very cool app for my iPhone that I pay a little bit too much money for each month, called Tales2Go, that plays children’s audio books.  We listen to a lot of audiobooks, play movies, and do a lot of snacking along the way.  I sit my bootie down in the front seat and I read magazines and write my blog.

We landed in Montana de Oro, possibly the most beautiful place in the entire State, on Monday afternoon.  We love stopping here before we even get to our hotel room.  The kids run away from the waves for an hour before they get their clothes all wet, and then we strip them down to their skivvies and they freeze.   Kids don’t seem to care about freezing when they are having fun at the ocean.

That night we took a beautiful back road from San Luis Obispo to Arroyo Grande, through the Edna Valley where the grapevines have turned yellow for the fall.  Chris’s brother Greg and his family just moved to Arroyo Grande.  Chris and Megan are jealous.    We have spend 12 years trying to get back to the central coast, but it does not seem to be in the cards yet.  We had a very nice dinner and the kids all had a great time playing with each other.

We had a really nice time in San Luis Obispo.  There were a couple of noteworthy events took place whilst there.

  1. I bought a super fabulous pair of jeans that cost too much money but are worth every penny.
  2. While I was buying my super fabulous jeans Chris took the kids down bubblegum alley.  Elsa later randomly informed us that she went ahead and took an “already chewed” piece of gum from the wall and put it in her mouth and chewed it a little bit.   Grosser than gross.
  1. Preston ate 5 waffles at breakfast, complained of a stomach ache all morning afterwards, and then barfed at the restaurant where we were eating lunch.  Luckily we were sitting outside and it wasn’t very busy.  I don’t think anyone saw the barfing incident so I quietly stopped eating my lunch and grabbed every napkin I could and cleaned it up off the ground.  Grosser than gross.

Whenever we go to The Domestics house we try to take advantage of the museums and activities in the LA area.  This trip we took the kids to the California Science Center (http://www.californiasciencecenter.org/) and while we were there we saw the Born To Be Wild IMAX.  The kids loved it.  This is the first year that we knew we could successfully take all of them to a museum without strollers or extra helping hands. Chris and I were absolutely exhausted by the end of the day.

What I love best about Thanksgiving is not the turkey and stuffing, since I really don’t like turkey and stuffing that much.  I love the family aspect of Thanksgiving.  The tradition of it.  I like getting my kids together with their first cousins and second cousins and watching them play for hours.  There were 40 of us at Chris’s Aunt Barbie and Uncle Bob’s house this year.  We didn’t see the kids much because they were all outside playing with each other.  This was the first Thanksgiving without Chris’s grandfather Hermie and he was very missed, but he would’ve been so pleased to see all of his family together.

Now let the Christmas festivities begin.  Ava has already closed the deal to decorate the house tomorrow.  We have already listened to 40 Christmas songs and Christmas stories.  We are in full Christmas mode.

I decided I am going to update my TripTips section on the side of my blog.  It is very outdated.  This is going to be #1 on my list: if you have small children, ALWAYS bring a portable toilet with you.  We have a very small simple Bjorn toilet that stays in my car at all times.  This little toilet has saved me so many times when I couldn’t find a restroom, or when the restroom was a gross public toilet or porta potty.  It is especially helpful on road trips.  Small white potty even saved The Domestics one time when they had a potty emergency and were stuck and didn’t know what to do.  One of the triplets turned to grandma and said, “why don’t you use the potty in our car grandma?”  Grandma didn’t know that such thing existed under the backseat of the car.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


Mominjury November 9, 2011

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I recently sustained a work related injury.  This injury is truly a mom injury.  I cannot do yoga for an undetermined amount of time.

So, this is what happened; take note moms because this truly silly, ridiculous, embarrassing, stupid accident could happen to you also.  I was bussling around my house at a fast pace as usual.  I was carrying my laptop, open, with one hand (since it is my very light super slick Macbook Air).  All of a sudden I found myself falling over a chair.  Dammit!!  The kids had left one of their little chairs sitting in the middle of the family room floor! Since I was carrying my computer around in front of my face, open, I could not see anything in front of me and did not know that my little darlings had left their chair right in the middle of the floor.

As I was falling I thought to myself, wow, this is really going to hurt.  I also thought, I hope I don’t break anything.  Seriously, I really thought those two things in the short two seconds that I was falling. I never once thought about my precious brand new Apple computer.  Not once.  My body means so much more to me at this point in my life.

First, my left shin went crashing into one of the chair legs and then, and this is the worst of it, my Sternum crashed into the top portion of the chair.  Then my whole body fell over the chair.  I was laying on the ground.  I still haven’t thought about my computer once at this point.

“What was that?  Are you ok?”  said Chris from the office.

For those of you who do not know where the sternum portion of your body is, I will show you:

Sternum = Between the boobs

I thought I hurt my clavicle.  Don’t judge me, we all have our strong points and our shortcomings.  So, the Sternum is literally smack in the middle of my boobs.

Chris ran in because he was alarmed by the very “unusually loud crashing sound” in the other room.  I took that comment as he just figured it wasn’t one of the 26 pound children falling.  First he asked about me.  Then he paused and asked about the computer.  I could tell that since he saw I was still alive, he cared a wee bit more about the computer.  But since he is no dummy, he strategically asked about me first.  Smart.  Too bad I’m smarter and figured that out.

No, I was not OK.  I was injured.  My chest hurt. My cleavage was broken.  My shin didn’t feel so great either.  The children stared at me like I was an imbecile.  I was an imbecile.  This one was way worse than when I did the cartoon-style step on the skateboard in the garage and end up laying flat on my back.  This mom injury hurt bad.

I didn’t cry.  I wanted to but I decided to be stoic.  I figured what is worse than than falling like a dummy over a child sized chair because I was carrying my laptop in front of me and couldn’t see?  Crying about it.

So this happened during the week.  On a week from last Saturday I went to yoga.  It hurt but I made it through.  This last Saturday I did yoga and after holding the plank pose for 30 seconds my Sternum hurt so badly that I had to leave.  I left after only 15 minutes.  It had to hurt pretty badly for me to leave yoga after 15 minutes.

I went to the doctor. My doctor said that I didn’t seem to fracture anything, which she  determined by feeling the area.  Based on where it hurts, I injured this big group of muscles, which is why anything push up/plank related is a killer.

I can’t do yoga for an undetermined amount of time.  I have to sleep on my back.  I will not walk around the house with my computer in front of me anymore.

The good news is that Preston has finally decided to poop on the potty.  No more pull ups for me.  No more wiping poopy butts.  I am officially done.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


Halloween!! November 2, 2011

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Each year we keep our tradition of meeting my awesome neighbors in the park for a pre-Halloween meet and greet.  We bring food to share and the kids run and play in the park before we all head out to trick or treat.  It is important to keep these traditions as the kids are growing up because they are cherished so much from year to year.  The other day Ava asked me what “traditions” mean and I explained to her that it is all the special things that we do the same way each year, like meeting in the park with all our friends before we trick or treat.

So the adults bring our beer and wine and of course indulge while the kids munch on food and admire each others costumes.  Then we say ok lets go trick or treating and it is like a bunch of greyhounds charging from the gates for the big race around the park.  The kids take off sprinting in their costumes and they don’t stop running for a very long time.

My little triplets can’t keep up with the bigger kids but they try.  It was interesting because about a quarter way through trick or treating Chris and I had to stop the triplets for a little Halloween manner lesson.  This is how it was going at each house:  Elsa asking if she can have a chocolate candy, Violet demanding a candy with a red wrapper, and at one point I heard Preton shout “why are your candies so small??”  So embarrassing.  My kids do not have a problem asking for what they want or speaking their mind.  I am 100% sure this is from being a triplet, with Ava as their older sister being a little icing on the cake.

So we explained that we don’t demand a certain candy, that we get what we get and we don’t throw a fit (a saying they know well).  But this was very difficult for them.  When presented with a person holding a bucket of candy out in front of them, they just couldn’t help but shout out which one they wanted.  Ava on the other hand is an old pro – a perfect example of great Halloween trick or treating etiquette.

The first kids to throw in the towel were Violet and Elsa.  They wanted to go home.  Violet had to go pee and she said she was tired of walking.  So I took the little girls home and they settled themselves down in the hall and began the process of sorting, organizing and eating their candy.  I let them eat as much candy as they wanted and they took me up on it.  Later Preston and Ava joined in.  They ate Candy for an hour straight and then we made them go to bed.  It was a fun night.

But I’m glad its over.

And now I have 4 buckets of candy that I keep dabbling in. I need to throw it all away but I greatly fear the backlash from my children.  A friend once told me to offer my kids money to trade for each piece of candy.  Have you met my kids?  There is no amount of money that could compensate them for their candy.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.