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Inspiration October 31, 2011

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In the busy days that turn in to busy weeks and months, it is easy to get lost in a fog while on the mothership.  Life is all about trying to decide which activities to put your kids in to, how much money that will cost, if we can afford it or if we want to afford it.  If I want to spend my days driving kids around to various activities or if I don’t do I want us all to be stuck at home trying to kill each other?  Or if I don’t, am I doing these kids a disservice?  Will they end up not finding their passion?  Will they not be well rounded?

Days turn in to a series of decisions and choices for my family. For my children.  What should we eat for dinner tonight?  Where should I take the kids for an activity tomorrow?

Sometimes, I yearn for some enlightenment and inspiration.  Today I got a little inspiration nugget.  Chris showed me the Eulogy written by Steve Jobs’ sister.  Steve Jobs’ sister, Mona Simpson,  is a famous writer.  She wrote the book “Anywhere But Here” which was later turned in to a movie.  When I read the beautiful words she compiled for her brother I was moved and inspired.  Moved to hear such beautiful words written for her beloved brother and inspired by the fact that she is such an amazing writer.

Read it for yourself:



So hear we are at Halloween again. No, the pumpkins did not get carved.  Yes I do hate carving pumpkins – having to reach my hands into the nasty squishy wet gnarl of pumpkin guts and seeds.  Since Ava never once asked me to carve pumpkins I feel that I got out of it this year, which made me happy. So tonight we will follow out tradition of meeting our neighbor friends at the park for a little picnic dinner before all the kids head out to trick or treat.  Then we will come home and gorge ourselves on as much candy as we can.  This is the part where I steal my kids’ candy if they aren’t being generous enough to share it with me.  Perhaps we will all have some belly aches.  Then tomorrow I will get rid of the candy so the begging for candy routine doesn’t drag on for weeks, and that will conclude Halloween. It is sure to be super cute. I will provide pictures of the big event within a couple of days I hope.  We’ll see.

Above I have included above some pictures from last weekend when we took the kids to Tilden Park, Berkeley.  We met our friends Nicola, Paul and Kei, as well as Nicola’s sister Jen and her kids there.  It was so very fun and the kids just had a blast.

Happy Halloween everyone!! Stay safe!

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


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