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Inspiration October 31, 2011

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In the busy days that turn in to busy weeks and months, it is easy to get lost in a fog while on the mothership.  Life is all about trying to decide which activities to put your kids in to, how much money that will cost, if we can afford it or if we want to afford it.  If I want to spend my days driving kids around to various activities or if I don’t do I want us all to be stuck at home trying to kill each other?  Or if I don’t, am I doing these kids a disservice?  Will they end up not finding their passion?  Will they not be well rounded?

Days turn in to a series of decisions and choices for my family. For my children.  What should we eat for dinner tonight?  Where should I take the kids for an activity tomorrow?

Sometimes, I yearn for some enlightenment and inspiration.  Today I got a little inspiration nugget.  Chris showed me the Eulogy written by Steve Jobs’ sister.  Steve Jobs’ sister, Mona Simpson,  is a famous writer.  She wrote the book “Anywhere But Here” which was later turned in to a movie.  When I read the beautiful words she compiled for her brother I was moved and inspired.  Moved to hear such beautiful words written for her beloved brother and inspired by the fact that she is such an amazing writer.

Read it for yourself:



So hear we are at Halloween again. No, the pumpkins did not get carved.  Yes I do hate carving pumpkins – having to reach my hands into the nasty squishy wet gnarl of pumpkin guts and seeds.  Since Ava never once asked me to carve pumpkins I feel that I got out of it this year, which made me happy. So tonight we will follow out tradition of meeting our neighbor friends at the park for a little picnic dinner before all the kids head out to trick or treat.  Then we will come home and gorge ourselves on as much candy as we can.  This is the part where I steal my kids’ candy if they aren’t being generous enough to share it with me.  Perhaps we will all have some belly aches.  Then tomorrow I will get rid of the candy so the begging for candy routine doesn’t drag on for weeks, and that will conclude Halloween. It is sure to be super cute. I will provide pictures of the big event within a couple of days I hope.  We’ll see.

Above I have included above some pictures from last weekend when we took the kids to Tilden Park, Berkeley.  We met our friends Nicola, Paul and Kei, as well as Nicola’s sister Jen and her kids there.  It was so very fun and the kids just had a blast.

Happy Halloween everyone!! Stay safe!

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


Threes October 13, 2011

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Do you see this beautiful girl? She got her tonsils seared from her throat a week ago.  After enduring five Strep throats over the past year, along with other random infections, two different ENT’s deemed her Tonsillectomy worthy.  She went into the hospital with Chris and was loving all of the attention she was getting from the nurses and doctors.  She was given her happy serum and promptly sang the “Ol Ball Game” out loud ending with a very high on drugs giggle at the end.  Chris, of course, caught the whole thing on video and so we get to chuckle at it from time to time.  A week later Elsa is pretty ornery and uncomfortable but I think she will enjoy a lifetime of better healthy because of this surgery.


The old Traub/Mannion gang et all travelled up to Apple Hill on Sunday to pick pumpkins and eat apple donuts.  We got some great pumpkins and pictures that day. Later we went over to Chez Mannion for some hot dogs and chili.  It was such a fun and relaxed atmosphere and The Woolseys had a great time eating and then exploring their beautiful property.

My observation for the day is this: my high maintenance 7 year old is a perfect citizen now when we take her anywhere.  She gets along with everyone and entertains herself beautifully.  I never have to worry about her and she appreciates every place we go to its fullest.  One day I may remove the “high maintenance” title from her name.  But not today.  On the other hand, my 3 1/2 year olds tend to be very high maintenance.  They are not all high  maintenance at the same time.  Instead, they trade off being high maintenance and grumpy which means Chris and I are usually dealing with an issue at all times.  I don’t know who coined the term “terrible twos” because I think the 3’s are worse.


I have been trying to think of a term to coin for 3 year olds and this is what I have come up with: the thankless threes (I am working my ass off for you thankless little heathens), the theatrical threes (they will create drama from any situation to get attention from a parent), the thoughtless threes (they will act without any consideration of their loving and adoring parents),  then there’s just the crappy three (similar to terrible two except a little rougher around the edges).

Which do you like best?

Here are my top 10 reasons why 3 year olds are more difficult than 2 year olds:

1.  3 year olds know how to negotiate and they do it well

2.  3 year olds are very particular creatures.  They want what they want when they want it and if they don’t get it (see #3)

3.  3 year olds have perfected the 2 year old tantrum

4.  3 year olds know how to lie

5.  3 year olds are at their whiny peak in life

6.  3 year olds talk to much, 75 percent of it not making a whole lot of sense

7.  3 year olds are manipulative

8.  3 year olds are small and fairly talentless but they think they are older than they are and they think they have abilities that they don’t which equals a struggle

9.  3 year olds have the ability to get dressed, buckle themselves into car seats, put their own stinking shoes and socks on but they will choose not to do any of these things on any given day.

10. 3 year olds say the word “why” too much which makes for a really annoying exchange.  It goes something like this: “Put your toys away” “why” “because that is what we do when we are finished playing with them” “why” “because mommy doesn’t like a messy house” “why” “because I was born like that” “why” “just pick up your gosh darn mess before I go crazy, that’s why!!”

With that said, I would be remiss not to mention that 3 year olds are also the most adorable creatures on earth.  It is quite a contradiction I know.  They are still small and they cuddle and they love their mommies and daddies intensely without the pressure of social barriers. They say the cutest things as they learn all of the expressions of English language.  I love how they marvel at the world around them.  As we walked 10 feet from my car to Artbeast yesterday, they stopped me about three separate times to admire their surroundings.  Elsa found an ugly old weed with an ugly old dead yellow flower springing from it and she said “mmmmmmm, mommy look how beautiful and smell it. Mmmmmm.”   They will peel a dead dried up worm from the hot pavement and show each other as if they had found a treasure.  It is precious quality of a three year old. We lose that passion for the simple wonders around us as we get carried away in the pressures of money, work, school and just generally being adults.  Sometimes my 3 year olds remind me that I don’t have to be in a hurry all of the time.  Sometimes I can stop my hurried pace and check out a plant growing wildly on the side of the road, even if it is not part of my plan that day.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


Homemaker October 4, 2011

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Yesterday I was homemaker extraordinaire.  I switched over clothes from summer to winter, which, when you have four kids, is a messy overwhelming task.  I took my white sheets and my white duvet cover which have turned yellow in some major spots, and put them in my bathtub with bleach and soaked them for hours before putting them in my super-duper washing machine under the deep steam cycle that takes almost 2 hours until completion.  Last night I proudly removed my sheets from the dryer, brought them in to the bedroom and proclaimed to Chris “this is the cleanest the sheets have ever been!” in my most proud homemaker voice.

This morning I awoke to find Violet sleeping beside me.  She woke up, sat up, turned to me and we had a split second of serenity before she vomited all over me and my pristine sheets.

This seems to happen to me a lot in life.  For example, I will get my carpets cleaned and the next day someone will spill coffee on them.  Or I will get a brand new patio poured and Sage will decide that this is her new place to pee.

As Ava would say, HUMF! (arms crossed)

This past Saturday we had our 10th annual neighborhood Oktoberfest this weekend which was so much fun!  All my wonderful friends/neighbors come out of the their houses and off the soccer fields to join in our beautiful park for beer, picnic and games.  We had a bounce house of course that was used non-stop from 2pm to 7pm.  When the bounce house man came to take it down he was met with hostility and disappointment from the 10 kids who were still bouncing as the sun was setting.  I literally didn’t see Ava for hours at a time but I saw swarms of kids at the other end of the park.  I later found out that they were digging a massive hole in the mud and excavating worms.  They took that opportunity to also jump in the mud and move their hands through the mud so they were all a bunch of dirt balls.  The triplets were in the mix also, playing with the big kids and jumping in the bounce house.  It was a great family time. It is so important to keep these cherished traditions year after year.  i have a friend who moved out of the neighborhood recently and she said the main thing her kids were worried about was whether they would still be able to go to Oktoberfest in the park.

In other news, I took the four kids to see great grandpa the other day.  He is now living in a home with five other elderly people and caretakers. He has Alzheimer’s that is progressing quite fast.  When we walked through the door, great grandpa was amazed that I had all these kids.  He said “when did you have them?” referring to the triplets.  I said, “oh, about 3 1/2 years ago.  Aren’t they great?” “oh yeah,” he said.  I believe he remembered Ava but not the triplets.  He had just seen them all a few days before.  We walked to the park to play for just a bit but then great grandpa was worried about missing dinner so we walked back.  Plus, I could tell the kids playing on the play structure was stressing him out.  But I got this great picture.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.