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Video September 13, 2011

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For years my dear husband has been looking for just the right computer and software for video editing. The iMac seemed like the obvious choice – but Apple’s video editing software has either been far to basic (iMovie) or required a Ph.D. to operate (Final Cut).  So Chris has lived in the PC world which has delivered nothing but disappointment – slow computers prone to crash. But recently Apple made several improvements to iMovie – enough to lure Chris back to the iMac world – below is the link to his first video, which I think turned out really cool.


My kids spent a lot of time on their scooters this summer.  We put considerable investment into buying them the best scooters we could find and our investment has paid off.  The scooters have been a huge source of entertainment all summer long.  Elsa also rides her pink scooter, but is not seen in the video because it really isn’t her style to ride in skate parks.  She is much more of a mani pedi, diamonds and martinis type of a gal.  The skate park is a bit rough and tumble for her delicate disposition and elegant tastes.  Perhaps Chris could make Elsa her own video in which she complements ladies’ on their diamonds and fancy shoes (which she does on a daily basis).

Below is a slide show of Ava’s birthday party.  She had such a great time and has a really nice group of friends.  At the end of her birthday instead of complaining about her birthday being over (humph!!!), she said that her birthday was even better than she expected.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


One Response to “Video”

  1. Rick Morton Says:

    Great video! This coming from a Final Cut Pro user!

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