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School September 9, 2011

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And the seasons they go round and round

And the painted ponies go up and down

We’re captive on the carousel of time

We can’t return we can only look

Behind from where we came

And go round and round and round

In the circle game

  • Joni Mitchell, The Circle Game

Ava and Lauren on Ava's birthday

Today is our wild, fun Ava Rose’s 7th birthday and she has had an awesome week with a pool party and a family party tonight on her birthday.  Kids these days are pretty lucky when it comes to birthdays.  Birthdays are special because it is our one special day of the whole year that is solely our own.  I wanted to make sure that Ava had a wonderful birthday that lived up to her expectations.  What made me so proud was that for the first birthday ever, Ava showed real gratitude for everything she received.  She thanked us repeatedly for her gifts and her party and was truly grateful and content with everything she received.  I felt like all of Chris and my child training was paying off.  With some kids, gratitude comes naturally, and with others it is a training process.  It has been a real training process for Ava and it feels good to see our hard work paying off in our eldest child.

Tonight the Hosseinis were over, and Gigi and Gramps, and Bob, Kendall and Lauren came for pizza and cupcakes.  The adults shared a nice bottle of champagne and the kids played in the pool and had a lot of fun.

The summer is coming to a close, and school and sports have begun.  My life is a non-stop flurry of activity, child rearing and house re-decoration.

I have constant guilt that I don’t make enough time to write in my blog.  The kids are no longer napping and by night time I don’t feel like using my brain in any capacity so that makes blogging a challenge.      Perhaps as I settle into our new school routine things will come together better for me and allow for more time.  Right now I am at a park with the triplets watching them play while I try to type out some thoughts. Except that this plan didn’t work very well since Violet stubbed her baby toe shortly after getting to the park.  It was bleeding and hurting and try as I did, Violet was unable to recover from the sustained injury causing our premature departure.

Ava's first day of 2nd grade

Second grade is going well.  Ava was very excited to start school, as were her parents.  We had a great summer but the Woolseys do better in the home environment when our older child is occupied and stimulated throughout the entire day.  One day a couple of weeks ago when Ava got home at her normal 2:45 time and was driving me crazy by 3pm, I threatened to send her to the extended day after school program.  I threatened her.  Ava replied with “oh can I go please please please?? Can I start tomorrow?”  I had no reply to that.  That was a failed attempt at a threat.

The triplets at preschool. Preston has a skinned face because he tipped over on the choo choo wagon

The triplets started Montessori through the State run Charter program held at a local elementary school.  I am very excited about it because the teacher is so warm and loving and wonderful and I think my little triplets are really going to learn some great things.  Their previous \teacher at Mothership Montessori really sucked so it is about time that these poor deprived children get some quality education.

We fill hours of our afternoon up in the pool.  I do mean hours.  This fact leads me to wonder what on earth we will do when winter rolls around and we are stuck inside.  Yes, it is 90 degrees outside and I am already building up anxiety about winter.

The little girls' new room

We have bought the triplets all new twin beds and bedding, and with that, we had to redecorate, because one small project does snowball into about a thousand other projects.  I think the little girls’ room is nicer than Chris and my room at this point.  These kids are spoiled. . . and expensive.

Hopefully the next time you get a blog from me it will still be September.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


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  1. I too was excited school started. I starts on September 1st, always, no matter what day it falls on(except weekends of course). I wish we were still swimming in the pool, but August sucked here for weather, so my kids went to dance camp. The pic of the kids is funny, it looks like the backpacks are so heavy they are going to tip over 🙂

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