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Aloha Luxury August 6, 2011

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As we sit on the airplane headed back to the mainland from a week in Kauai I prepare myself for a seven hour drive back home from LA with Ava and Elsa who were staying with grandma and papa, excessive loads of laundry, the beginning of 2nd grade for Ava, the start of a new montessori preschool for the triplets, getting our backyard put back together after a bit of renovation and re-stocking the house with food. You know, life awaits us.

But for a week I experienced another life filled with relaxation in the form of beach bathing and spa treatments, Mai Tais and wonderful Hawaiian fare, and lots of socializing with Chris’s co-workers. Chris was recognized again this year as a top performer in his company, earning us a trip to Kauai. It was a phenomenal week that I will draw upon when I may need to find a happy place to escape from some of the chaos of mainland life.

We could not have gone without two fabulous sets of grandparents and the best darn Australians in all of Australia. This trip, Grandma and Papa took Ava and Elsa down in Thousand Oaks so they could play with their older cousins who were in town from Connecticut. Violet and Preston stayed with Gigi and Gramps, Auntie Betty and Uncle John back in Cameron Park. While we were gone I think our kids had as much fun as we did. Every day there seemed to be a new adventure happening at each grandparent camp. Chris and I are so very appreciative to have two sets of grandparents who are willing to take our kids and let us get away and find peace and relaxation. Sending gratitude, gratitude, gratitude.

I will not bore readers with the details of our trip, but will note just a few fun happenings:

  1. We got destroyed by gigantic waves.
  2. A huge turtle floated right over my head while I was being destroyed by a gigantic wave.
  3. Our Mai Tai consumption was somewhere between 20 and 30 for the week. A little embarrassing.
  4. We got a spa treatment every day. On these company award trips, we are allowed to choose different excursions each day we are there, from zip-lining to kayaking. We are limited to one spa treatment for the trip. So, Chris sent an email to the event planners and pulled the “triplet card” and within hours Chris’s company had arranged for a different spa treatment each day we were on the island.

With my mental state experiencing a gravitational pull back to the realities of home life, I am already planning my school supply shopping trip with Ava, swim lessons for the triplets (a 3-year old nearly drowned in the lagoon at the Hyatt while we were there. Chris’s company’s on-hand medical doctor resuscitated him back to life and he was rushed to the hospital!), and the transition into a real preschool for my now 3 1/2 year old triplets. While it is a luxury to get away on these trips and experience temporary bliss, it is also wonderful to come back home to my family.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


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