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Old Friends July 14, 2011

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I have been lonely for my friends lately.  You know, those kinds of friends that you have had forever and that even though you may be in different parts of the state, country or world, it is like you have never been apart for more than a day when you finally see each other again.  I am talking about those friends who know you and what you are all about because they have known you through all the different stages of your life; the starving student stage, the empty nesters stage, the mom stage, etc.

There is definitely an element of isolation that has come with having triplets. When you have four young children you don’t generally find yourself hosting many dinner parties, attending many events or hopping on planes with the kids to go on vacation.  Most often, Chris and I find ourselves too exhausted to have people over or even bring our kids over to someone else’s house for dinner.  The work required in managing all the small children alone is literally mentally and physically demanding.  It will get easier, of course.  Sometimes I imagine myself out in my nice backyard with all my friends and we are all elegantly holding our glasses of wine in our hands while our kids play peacefully with each other and leave me alone for a bit to socialize with my friends.  I see it happen with all my other friends who have older kids so I know it is possible.  I will just be patient and wait and maybe my small dream will come true.

So, it came at a good time as I was wallowing in the mire a bit, that we planned a spontaneous getaway with our wonderful long-time friends Nicola and Paul and their son Kei.  Kei is five.  Ava and Kei get along great.  Nicola and Paul have big jobs in the city and it is difficult to get together with them. Chris and I have lots of kids in the country so it is difficult to get together with us. Paul and I researched the Internet for a nice big house close to the ocean that we could meet for the weekend and decompress and catch up.  We ended up in a five-bedroom home with a hot tub and a lot of bottles of wine and champagne.

The triplets aren’t at the easiest age so I was a little apprehensive but I already sent Nicola a text earlier in the week giving her the Woolsey disclaimer:  this won’t be the most relaxing weekend you’ve ever had!  The weekend was a success.  The weather sucked with major fog the first two days, but we still went to the beach and the kids explored and played in the shallows of the water.  At night the adults drank a ton of wine, went hot tubbing and played the Apples to Apples boardgame.  In the olden days BK (before kids), Nicola, Paul, Chris and I went on some extravagant trips to South Africa and France.  On our last big trip through France we rented rooms in B & B’s as we found them amongst the vineyards and within the city walls.  Most of the time there was a nice room and an even nicer room.  To solve this dilemma of which couple would get the nicest room in that particular B & B, we would play this board game that Nicola and Paul brought from England, and the winner would get the best room.  Before leaving on the trip Paul asked if we should play the game for the master bedroom.  But seeing as times have changed and I now have four small children, I figured they could have that nice upstairs peaceful quiet master bedroom and Chris and I would take the kids quarters downstairs.  It was all good.

In the end I was happy that the weekend was a big success and we got to bond with some old friends and catch up.

Then on Chris’s 37th birthday we went out to dinner with our other good old friends Willie and Lesley, who currently are living in Belgium, therefore we do not see them much.  We all met when we were first in college living at the dorms.  The four of us had so much to talk about last night that we closed down the restaurant we were eating at.  All of a sudden I looked back and there were about six staff members standing in the back with their arms crossed staring at us. That was our exist cue.   So then we went to get our complimentary Starbucks that Will buys us every time we see each other and that was also closed.  So naturally the boys decided to do what boys do and create a competition for themselves.  The competition was running the stretch of the parking lot as fast as they could and then dropping for 30 push-ups.  Lesley and I were the gorgeous fan club/judges.

I got my friend fix this past week and now I am completely freaking exhausted.

And last post I forgot to post these adorable pictures of my boy fishing with Gramps and John.  Check them out.  That boy can’t get any cuter in my humble unbiased opinion.  Look at that nice fish he caught.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


One Response to “Old Friends”

  1. Candy Says:

    Hi Megan, I am so happy you and Chris were able to get away. I so enjoy hearing and seeing the Woolsey family growing. You are the best. I think of you often. Hugs to all, Candy

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