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Summer Happenings July 7, 2011

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There are many discussion topics on the table tonight from the Woolsey 6 household and here are the discussion points as follows in no particular order:

  1. the USA arrival of the best darn Aussies in all of Australia
  2. Chris and Megan’s annual anniversary trip to the Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn where we came up close and personal with celebrities
  3. The binkie fairy arrives
  4. My 6-year-old has Bieber Fever

The binkie fairy made her long-awaited arrival last Friday.  I have been waiting three months for her to come, not because I was excited, but because I was anxious.  I have three kids who are so addicted to their binkie that they will take “hits” of their binkie throughout the day when they know they aren’t allowed to have it.  I will go upstairs and find one of them, or all of them, cowering in the corner of their room feeding their addiction really quickly before they get caught in the act.

Violet had this binkie that was very special to her.  It was yellow and it had a picture of a kangaroo on it.  She called it her “yeyo binkie” When I told her the binkie fairy was coming to take all the binkies away and give them to all the fairy babies who need them more she said, “ok, but not my special yeyo one!”

So when Friday came Ava wrote a special note to the binkie fairy on behalf of her beloved brother and sisters and we went around the house and collected the binkies.  Violet kissed her special “yeyo” binkie a few times before placing it gently in the bag and I teared up significantly.  I know it is just a binkie but it is such a big part of those kids lives and how they comfort themselves.  I felt so sad for them and then I felt sad for us because we may lose the nap and many issues may ensue with the departure of the binkie.

The binkie fairy came that day and dropped off special backpacks for all the kids in leu of the binkies.  They loved their presents from the binkie fairies and now instead of sleeping with binkies they have to sleep with their special backpacks every night, and they carry them around all day.

As with all changes and big events affecting kids, the kids adjusted beautifully.  We have had a few hiccups in the transition, with this being the sixth day without binkies. There have been many days without naps. The night before last Preston was wide awake almost the entire night, which could possibly be because he didn’t have his binkie to put him back to sleep. Maybe that is why I showed up at the gym today having forgotten to apply makeup and with my sports shirt on inside out which the daycare lady kindly informed me by whispering in my ear. The triplets have asked politely for their binkies but haven’t whined, cried or begged for them, which is kind of them.

In other news we have our favorite Aussies here visiting us for the month.  They are staying with my parents.  I like the story about how we know and love John and Bette from Australia.  Around year 1968 my grandparents on my mom’s side were in a hotel bar in Rome.  John and Bette were in this same bar.  In those days it was very posh to wear lapel pins.  My Gramps had his Great Britain pin on and John had his Australian pin on and these pins created a conversation between the two gentlemen.  My grandparents and John and Bette ended up partying the night away in this hotel bar in Rome and our families have been great friends ever since. We have so much fun with our favorite Aussies when they come from around the globe, and my kids love them!  This is the first time John and Bette have met the triplets, but because of the blog I think John and Bette feel that they know the triplets even though they live at the other side of the world.

Chris and I spent some time at our favorite place, The Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn. We have made this place our little anniversary spot for the third year running.  The first year we went it was only for a night and I told Chris “if we only just had one more night here it would be perfect!”  The second year, last year, we went for two nights this time and I said, “Chris, if only we could s

tay one more night than this it would be so heavenly!”  So this year we booked three nights and I do think it was perfect.  I don’t know though  . . . maybe next year we just won’t come back.

So we had a celebrity encounter in the lobby on the first day.   It was John Krasinksi (from The Office and one of my favorite movies Away We Go) and Emily Blunt (first played in The Devil Wears Prada).  They were hanging around the lobby with their dog checking in at the same time as us.  We saw them several times over the next few days and if John ever made eye contact with people we may have just invited them to dinner with us.  Hey!  We are fun guys and we like wine.   Maybe we should have been wearing our lapels as a conversation starter.

Anyway, as Chris always says, the Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn delivers.  It is fun, beautiful, luxurious and relaxing and I urge everyone to go give it a stay.

Ava and Preston attended their first concert a few weeks ago; Jackie Greene at Fairytale Town in Sacramento.  They were so excited to go.  We met Molly, Nima, Ronin, John and Bette and my parents there.  Preston was sporting a black fedora hat that evening which garnered a lot of attention from the masses as well as a smile and a wink from Jackie Greene himself.  The kids thought it was great fun. When I got in the car to take them home I asked Ava if she liked the concert and if she would like to go again next year.  She said, “can we go see Justin Bieber next year instead?”  What?  This came out of left field.  I have never heard her mention Justin Bieber before.   The whole way home we listened to Justin Bieber instead of Jackie Greene.  My first-born is getting to be a big girl.

The Woolsey 6 are headed to Dillon Beach this weekend with our good old friends Nicola, Paul and Kei this weekend.  I will have pictures and update to follow.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


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