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Adventures in SoCal June 22, 2011

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I have been asked by many people how do I find time to write my blog, or when do I write my blog or how I decide when to write my blog.  The answer to this is very simple.  First of all, I do not write my blog as much as I would like to.  I looked back on my history of blog writing beginning almost four years ago and I see that I average about three blogs a month.  When I first started my blog I was in the hospital and wrote in my blog about 10 times that month since I had nothing else to do but write, eat and watch movies that nurses brought me.

It comes down to this: I write my blog only if I have found some sort of inspiration.  I get inspiration from different places such as a book that I just read or an event that happened in the day.  If I am not inspired by anything happening in my life, I do not write.  It is as simple as that.  I write throughout the day whenever I can squeeze time in and am not feeling too tired.  I do not usually write an entire blog at one sitting.  I do not usually do much blogging at night at all since I generally want to just sit and not think or do household chores.

So if you are wondering why the long lapses in blogs sometimes, then remember that you are not seeing the written word from Woolsey Family Chronicles because there is no inspirational motivation at the time.

Ava finished up first grade and did very well.  She also, as of this weekend, finished up her ACRO gymnastics. I asked Ava no less than 10 times if she wanted to continue to do ACRO and she said each of the 10 times that she absolutely does not.  When I asked her why she had two reasons: 1.  it is boring  2.  it is too much hard work.  Please allow me to translate.  What Ava is saying is 1.  there is a lot of downtime in ACRO where athletes are watching other athletes perform their routines and Ava is a mover and a shaker and would rather there never be any downtime in her life.  Period.  2.  ACRO requires some serious athletic talent and skill based on strength, stamina and flexibility.  With this, the athletes must run, do push-ups, sit-ups, a series of serious stretching, etc.  It is hard physical work and Ava deemed it too hard (which it really isn’t but she obviously doesn’t like it enough to muddle through the grunt work to get better at the skills).  It is really a big relief not to drive to and from practice as well as spend weekends driving all around the state to different competitions.

With the arrival of summer comes more fun but also more work in my life.  With the arrival of summer comes the arrival of summer break which means Ava is home to add an entirely new dimension to our household.  Last year I nearly went crazy trying to get along with my adorable high maintenance daughter all summer.  This summer Ava is spending her idle weeks at various summer camps to fill her days with the stimulation and excitement that her body and personality must require.

We are at The Domestics house in Westlake Village right now spending some time with them and family.  We also get to take advantage of the fun Southern California activities like spending a few days at the beach and maybe we will go to the La Brea tar pits.

I signed up for a free week at a local yoga studio in Westlake Village.  I pulled up in the parking lot today and there were personal parking lot assistants/security guards.  There were designated parking spots labeled YOGA WORKS. I walked in to a yoga paradise.  This is a studio designated to yoga so there are yoga classes for all different levels of student held all day long.  I was feeling ambitious so I chose the hour and a half level 2/3 Vinyasa yoga flow.  I was personally led to the yoga studio which was very different than the gym yoga room.  This yoga studio did not have windows or mirrors but had big bright sky light in the tall ceiling.  The walls were painted a bright white.  Yogis lined up their mats, got themselves two yoga blocks and placed one under their back and one under their head, splayed their limbs, covered their bodies in a blanket and went into a deep rest before class started.  I stretched my tight hamstrings.  While I was able to do most of the class okay, there were two to three poses that I didn’t even try.  I did not care that I couldn’t do certain advanced poses, it was such a great way to start my morning and such a beautiful studio to do yoga in.

We went to the beach yesterday.  It was foggy until 3pm when we decided to leave.  The kids didn’t care because they just love being there.  They would get wet playing in the ocean and come to me shivering and cold and I would wrap the up in blankets to warm them up, and then the cycle would repeat again.  Ava immediately made a friend — another 6 year old girl – and they played together the entire day.  Preston fell and rolled in the waves twice, but came up with a huge smile on his face.  He lost his hat in one of the takedowns.  At one point in the day Chris noticed Preston looking contemplatively at the ocean.  Chris asked him what he was thinking and Preston replied “I want to bring this home with us” referring to the ocean.

We had not decided whether we would go home Thursday or Friday of this week.  I thought about it this morning and decided that it is just so nice to be away from home spending time in a different environment with The Domestics that there is just no need to rush home.  What awaits me at home is weather that is too hot, laundry baskets that are too full, meals to constantly prepare and dishes to constantly clean, toys scattered throughout the house to pick up and no relaxation.  Here in Southern California there are four hands on deck which is a complete luxury.  We have different activities at our disposal.

Hey, I just had an idea.  Maybe we’ll just move in to The Domestics house!  What a great idea!  I am sure that our constant chaotic presence and the overwhelming work we bring will not even phase The Domestics.  Who needs that quiet, peaceful, clean retirement existence anyway.


Chris asked Ava today for about the 10th time whether she wanted to get her ears pierced.  I don’t know if I ever blogged about this but a couple times ago when we were down here visiting Ava said she wanted to get her ears pierced.  There was only one lady working at Claire’s which meant that only one ear could be pierced at a time.  After about 1/2 an hour Ava agreed to let the nice girl pierce her first ear.  It hurt and Ava freaked out and refused to get the other ear pierced.  We had to take the one pierced earring out of her ear which took another 1/2 an hour because Ava was afraid of it hurting.

Ava said to Chris, “no dad.  you are not allowed to ask me that question again until I am a teenager.  Or maybe when I’m 12.”

Chris said, “fine, I’ll just take Elsa and Violet to get their ears pierced.” (Elsa and Violet consistently ask to get their ears pierced.

Ava said, “fine.  If they say it doesn’t hurt I’ll get my done.  If they say it hurts a little or medium amount I’ll still get it done.  But if they say it hurts a lot then I am not getting my ears pierced!”

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.