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Sprain April 12, 2011

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We had an injury happen last week, the worst injury sustained by a Woolsey child insofar.  It has been so hectic that I am just now getting to write about it.

Chris left on Wednesday to visit his grandpa Hermie who is very sick and was being sent home with hospice care.  On Wednesday I get a call from the school nurse around 12:30pm telling me that Ava had fallen from the climbing rope in PE and her ankle is really hurt.  Ava tends to be a bit dramatic and exaggerate her injuries so I wasn’t sure how bad this ankle really was.  I got my mom on the phone and she told me that it looked pretty bad.  In the background I can hear Ava crying very hard.  I call the doctor and get her an appointment immediately and I have my mom bring Ava home.  When they arrive at the house Ava is still fairly hysterical and all sweaty and in pain.  Her ankle is wrapped in ice so I cannot see what her ankle looks like.  I carry her to the car and rush her to the doctor.  While we are waiting I unwrap her ankle and behold a disturbing sight.  Her right ankle is swollen so huge that I feel like I could pass out.  I immediately look away.  I then take out my iPhone and take a picture, trying to look minimally at the horrific ankle.  I send it out and the response is grim.  I get an OMG from Chris, a “that doesn’t look good” from Angela, and that is “grotesque” from a mom in Ava’s class.  I thought for sure it was broken.

We headed down to get her x-rays and she was so brave.  She sat on the table and even managed a smile or two.  Afterward she asked the x-ray technician if she could take a look at the x-rays.  The x-ray technician gave me a surprised look and I just told him that Ava loves medical stuff like this.  His reply was, “she will probably be my boss one day.” 

We learned a few hours later that her ankle was not broken but was badly sprained.  Without Chris’s help it was a big job around the house caring for disabled Ava and some triplets that are very naughty lately.  Luckily I had Kathy coming Thursday and Friday.  I spent the next two days taking care of Ava, carrying her around the house and icing her ankle and giving her Motrin and Tylenol.   Ava is not a very easy-going kid so I was very concerned about how this whole thing would turn out but she really rose to the occasion and was great about the whole unfortunate incident.

So, now she will not be able to compete in her only home ACRO competition this Saturday with means her other two partners won’t be able to either.  There is no trio without Ava. 

On Friday I loaded all the kids up in the car and brought them to this prosthetic and orthopedic store in Roseville which turned out to be the only place that carries crutches small enough for our petite Ava Rose.  I had gimpy Ava that I had to carry and the triplets who are in the throws of the terrible 3’s with me to walk across the parking lot and into the building.  The minute I get into the quiet, impeccably clean office my triplets start going berserk.  I have paperwork to fill out and Elsa is yelling at me that she wants my pen and some paper to draw with.  Preston is rifling through my wallet passing out money and then yelling to me that he needs more money.  Violet, who is my temper tantrum queen these days, is on the verge of a meltdown due to the fact that Elsa has been blessed with pen and paper and she has not. 

There is a very tall very sweet young man behind the counter helping me.  He has a big grin on his face.  I have a look of embarrassment on mine.  Then he says to me, “this feels just like home!” He says that he is the oldest of four children – 3 boys and 1 girl – and that his house is constantly noisy and rambunctious and that there is never a dull moment.  At that moment I let me embarrassment go because I was in the presence of an ally; someone who understood and appreciated lots of kids and lots of noise.  In fact, it seemed that not only did he appreciate the noise level and the craziness factor, but he also enjoyed it.  It reminded him of home.  I asked him if he like having all his brothers and sister and he said he loved it.  I could tell he loved his big family and love being a part of the madness. 

On the way out of the office I took the pen and paper away from Elsa and told Violet that she wouldn’t be getting anything because we had to go.  Violet threw herself into a huge tantrum.  As we left with hysterical Violet my parting words to my fellow ally were, “this is just like home right?”  Right, he said, with a big smile.   I navigated tantruming Violet and gimpy Ava through the parking lot.  Ava fell off her crutches and had to put her foot down which created tears.  Meanwhile, Violet was screaming.  If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of hearing Violet scream, I will tell you it is the loudest most ear piercing cry you have ever heard. “Who wants a piece of gum??” I yelled through the crying and screaming.  “I do I do!” replied my little ducklings, and it was back to happy quieter kids again.

Today, Monday, Ava is already walking a little on her foot and is back to school. She was so embarrassed about having to use her crutches and begged me to carry her to her classroom. I refused based on the fact that my back is hurting from carrying this heavy child around last week and because I can’t stay at school with her all day and carry her from place to place, so she will have to get over her embarrassment. 

This last weekend my sister and I took mom to San Francisco for her 60th birthday coming up this Saturday April 16th.  We shopped, we dined at the restaurant Chris loves so much, Pazzia, where mom had the best Gnocci she has eve r eaten, and we drank lots and lots of Champagne and wine.  It was fabulous.  That night we stayed at the Westin St. Francis where we had a very interesting experience.  We got to our room after 11pm and got to sleep.  I feel like I had not been asleep long when I heard people in the room next door.  We were in the historic section of the Westin where apparently the walls are paper-thin.  Also, my bed was next to an adjoining door.  I could literally hear every word they were saying in the next room. The the smell of pot came wafting through our adjoining door.  Then other noises, eh ehm, came through loud and clear from the other room.  This series of events happened ALL night long.  I called security three times to come tell the people next door to shut up and go to sleep but every time they went up their room they said they couldn’t hear anything and that they can’t do anything about it if they can’t hear anything.  So I was awake from 12am to 5am that night.  I was seriously not happy.  My sister and mom were awake off and on through that time also.  I felt bad for my sister because she kept talking about how she couldn’t wait to get a full night sleep since she would be away from Lily that night and here she was getting a worse sleep than she would’ve at home!

The three of us were sleepless in San francisco.  We planned on going to a 90 minute yoga class that morning but we woke up and nobody had the energy to do that anymore.  We left the city and drove to 4th Street Berkeley where I surely would’ve done some major damage to the bank account if I wasn’t so tired; too tired to try any clothes on, too tired to walk around and browse much, too tired to even get out my wallet to pay for anything. I guess that is one good thing that came out of my sleepless night. 

Despite the fact that we were sleepless in San Francisco we all had a wonderful time and were very happy to be able to help mom celebrate her 60th birthday in one of her favorite places to be. 

A few funny quotes from the boy over the weekend:

Preston: Daddy, you’re my best friend


Daddy: Dude, why aren’t you eating your lunch?

Preston: I am boss


Preston: Elsa I have a tape measure

Elsa: Oh that’s nice buddy

Elsa to daddy: Preston’s my boy

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


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  1. Sophie Says:

    ha ha ha… such cute comments… hope Ava feels better!!

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