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Rain Rain Go Away March 25, 2011

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Two of my biggest blog fans from down under (you know who you are) are harassing me via email about a delay in my blog.  All of I have to say to that is when you are here visiting this summer I will allow you babysitting opportunities in exchange for more blogs :). 

Anyway, Chris and I had an amazing weekend in Laguna Beach for Home Team; a weekend getaway for his West Coast team sponsored by his company in an effort to bring employees and spouses together for some bonding time.  We stayed at The Montage right on the ocean which was glamorous and so refreshingly beautiful.  In typical mothership style, I started my weekend away with three Mai Tais by the hot tub, but I was not alone since Chris’s boss’s wife was matching me Mai Tai for Mai Tai.  That night we went to this quaint little French restaurant called French 75 and had some delicious food and wine. Everyone wanted to head over to the bar next door where they had some live entertainment and that is when I began to fall into an alcohol/food induced coma and announced to Chris that we must leave, and we must leave now.  It was around 11am and I had been drinking since 2pm.  The night before I slept with Ava in her bed where she kicked me and punched me throughout the night and then finally woke me up for good at 5:30am.  I was absolutely exhausted by the time piano man was serenading us at the end of the night. 

The rest of the weekend was a dream, with more eating, shopping, drinking and a few movies in the room.  I felt tired pretty much the whole weekend which was perplexing since I slept in both days.  I figure when you have my life and are on the go non-stop (literally) from 7am to 8pm every single day that maybe a weekend where I had to do nothing just allowed my body to just collapse as my adrenaline subsided. 

Then I came home to face my clingy children who were fighting over my attention since I was gone a whole two days.  At least I know that I am loved. 

I would like to thank the domestics who once again drove up to take care of our little triplets as well as Gigi and Gramps who took Ava to her first gymnastics meet down in San Jose for the weekend.  Ava’s team did really well, and was the only team who didn’t seem nervous when competing.  They received a 25 out of 30, which is really great and they got first place! The only funny part about them getting first place is that there wasn’t anyone else competing in their particular category.  But Ava doesn’t need to know this.

Oh please rain gods, mother of nature, planet earth with all of your complicated weather patterns, please make it stop raining.  Oh please let us go outside and enjoy some sunshine and slide down slides and swing on swings.  Oh please don’t force us to be cooped up inside for much longer. Hath you no mercy? 

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


One Response to “Rain Rain Go Away”

  1. mvesque@cox.net Says:

    Bob and I have eaten at French 75 several times, it’s a great little restaraunt.
    The triplets are getting so big!

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