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Triplets Turn 3 February 24, 2011

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My sweet beautiful precious babies turned 3 on Tuesday. I planned a mini-party at Tumble Time for them and then I was going to have a few people over Tuesday night for pizza and cupcakes. As we were eating our lunch at Tumble Time after they finished their tumbling, Preston started acting funny and wouldn’t eat. He was very fussy, pretty uncharacteristic of him. I went home and put all the kids down for a nap and about ½ an hour later Preston woke up screaming, sweating, with a horrible fever. I called off the party that night, thank goodness, because then Elsa woke up feeling terrible also.

Yesterday I took all three to the doctor and Preston and Elsa have full-blown strep. They were telling me that their throats hurt and their mouths hurt also. They were complaining that their stomach hurt. All these things are typical for strep. I felt so badly that their birthday was ruined by strep; well maybe not ruined, but certainly not as much fun as they should’ve had. I guess that is what happens when you have a February birthday.

For their birthday this year nanny Kathy, Angela and Chris and I went in on a trampoline that can fit in our playroom and then will be moved outside in the summer. It is really cool and the kids love it. Chris and I bought the girls these sweet jewelry boxes with jewelry in it, and with the ballerina that twirls and sings beautiful music. They love it. We also got the girls some fancy dresses. Preston of course got some big trucks. Ava got them books that they can trace letters and numbers on with markers.

Elsa, Violet and Preston are so special, each in their own way.

Elsa is our smart, sometimes sweet sometimes snarky, little girlie girl. She is different from the red heads and completely comfortable with it. While the red heads are running wild screaming and yelling and wrestling, Elsa will be relaxing or cuddling with us. While the red heads ride their scooters and bikes, Elsa would rather do flash cards or puzzles, or play games on my phone. While the red heads are jumping and crashing all over the trampoline, Elsa is playing an alphabet game on the couch. Elsa is the kid that you can take anywhere and she is social and will adapt to her environment seamlessly without being shy or clingy. She is our Elsie Pie and we love her so much.

Violet is tallest, most slender weighing two pounds less than her brother and sister, with milky white skin and very dark eyes. Violet is one of those kids that is wise beyond her years. She is very aware of everything going on in the world around her and very sensitive, yet strong-willed. Violet has a passion for fashion. If she is not wearing a fancy dress or Halloween costume over her regular clothes, she is carrying it around or sleeping with it at night. She is very unique and special and I would say she is the favorite of all of her siblings, Ava especially. What I love most about Violet is her determination to succeed and her passion for everything she does in life. It is that quality that will take her far in life. She is also the sweetest, most compassionate little girl. She is our VV June and we love her so much.

Preston is our boy and we adore him. He is sweet and super sensitive and his precious little face with his bright blue eyes and red hair make me want to eat him up. He definitely acts like the baby of the family and his mama baby’s him also. He loves all the boy stuff, despite having three sisters which kind of proves the whole nature vs. nurture thing. Trucks, skateboards, bikes, and trains are his favorite things. He loves his sisters dearly, and if one of them is missing, he always asks about them and where they are. Preston has really come into his own in the last 6 months, becoming very verbal and confident and super funny. His obsession with vacuums is ongoing with no end in sight. Preston’s version of an ideal outing would be going to Costco or Best Buy and getting free time in the vacuum section for hours. His favorite vacuum thus far is the Dyson. He is our Pressie James and we love him so much.

 Happy birthday my angels. May you be happy and healthy and take it easy on your parents this next year of life.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


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