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Beautiful Wrinkled Up Mommy February 11, 2011

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Children have an amazing way of boosting your self-esteem or making you feel like an old, ugly, fat person.  For example, Ava has taken to calling me “beautiful mommy”, which I fully support and encourage.  She even draws me pictures telling me how beautiful I am.  It is so nice to know that I am seen as beautiful through her eyes. 

One of the sweet pictures to me from Ava

Meanwhile, Preston has formed an intense fascination with my wrinkled forehead.  Every day he asks me what that is on my forehead as he runs his hand across my wrinkles.  I tell him they are wrinkles.  Then he says, I want to pinch them, and then he proceeds to take his little fingers and pinch all of my forehead wrinkles together into one big protruding clump of wrinkle.  My wrinkles seem to be very amusing and entertaining to Preston.  I should go get botox injections and tell Preston to pinch my wrinkles now punk!  It is obvious that Preston needs a little training on what to say to women.  This should come quickly for him with his three sisters. 

Preston is becoming aware that he is a “guy” vs. a “lady”, as he says.  He walks around saying, “mommy, I’m a guy.”  It is seriously so cute I can’t stand it.  Occasionally he throws in a descriptive like, Preston is a baseball guy, or Preston is a skateboarding guy.  I don’t know how he even knows about baseball since we don’t watch it in this house.  Maybe if you are born a male in America you just innately know about baseball. 

I forgot to give an update on Ava’s spelling bee.  Ava made it through the fourth round at the spelling bee.  There were 10 1st and 2nd graders left.  The word was “started”, a very easy word for Ava to spell.  So the announcer says, “started” and then uses it in a sentence and then says “start”.  Well, Ava got confused because while she is a superb speller, she is a less than stellar listener, and she wrote “start” instead of “started”.  She was eliminated.  She did not care.  Her mother and father, on the other hand, were devastated.  I think it is just frustrating when you know your child can spell every word on the 500 word list and she is eliminated because of a silly error.  Poor Chris was a sweaty basket case as he watched her spell words for an hour during the bee.  My dad said that it was probably a good thing that Ava got eliminated because he was worried that Chris’s health was in jeopardy.  Chris came home and said that he is going to have to learn to get a handle on himself and his emotions for next time he is put in a similar situation.  We are proud of Ava for getting as far as she did as a teeny tiny little first grader. 

Elsa is finally potty trained.  She went from never wanting to use the potty to wanting to use it excessively.  I am very pleased that I have all my kids potty trained before the age of 3.  I do still need to work on the pooping in the potty for Preston and Elsa, but that will come soon, along with the toddler beds and getting rid of the binkies.  It should be an interesting couple of months.  I also feel like naptime is coming to a close soon.  Elsa only takes a few naps a week and the rest of the time she sits up in her crib and talks to herself.  Preston and Violet sometimes opt out of the nap also, but there is no opting out of the “quiet time.”


I had a good bad dream last night.  The good news was that I could breathe underwater.  The bad news was that there were people chasing me with poison.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


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