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Washer and Dryer January 25, 2011

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While I was in the kitchen by myself scarfing down my Trader Joe’s Lentil Soup with Ancient Grains, which, by the way, was delicious, my sweet little triplets were up to no good.  I had given them each a mixing bowl from the kitchen and some wooden utensils to pretend they were making macaroni and cheese.  This was fun for about five minutes and then things got really quiet.  The triplets are not to be trusted these days.  They are getting into things they aren’t supposed to and threatening to dismantle and destroy my nice house.  I heard Elsa say “let’s do makeup!!” and that is when I left my soup and bolted upstairs.  The last time I left them unaccompanied upstairs for too long, and things were just a little too quiet, I found that they had gotten into Ava’s Barbie makeup and done some major applications to their face, hands and the carpet.  This has happened twice, so I didn’t learn my lesson the first time apparently.

Well, those naughty little triplets weren’t going to get one over on me this time.  I went upstairs to find that Preston had gotten Ava’s Pez dispenser down from her bookcase and eaten all of her precious Pez candies.  He had a big grin on his face.  When I asked him whether he thought Ava was going to be really mad that he ate all of her candies, he said, “yeeesssssssss” all long and drawn out with a big grin on his face.  Violet was sorting through Ava’s precious jewels that she has neatly organized in her new jewelry box that she got for Christmas.  Violet, who wants to be a “good girl” all the time, ran from the room as soon as she saw me come in.  She knew she wasn’t supposed to be playing with Ava’s jewelry.  Elsa had gotten into Ava’s doll clothes that are specifically for her doll “Eva” and was dressing her own doll with them.  Ava is not going to be happy when she gets home.  The triplets are for sure going to get a verbal lashing from their older sister, and she will for sure cry over the loss of her Pez candies.

In other news, our dryer broke again. In this household, it isn’t good to be out an appliance.  Three months ago we spent $160 to fix the dryer.  Now it has broken again with the same problem.  Instead of spending another $160 to fix a 10-year-old dryer that is not energy-efficient and will probably keep costing us money, we went to Best Buy and bought the best washer and dryer we could find.  It was a cha-ching moment for us, but it will be so well worth it.  For example, my clothing is almost stacked up to the ceiling after not having a working dryer all week and so I plan to get my new extra large super duper capacity Samsung washer and throw all those clothes in there. 

Secondly, I was dismayed to get my gas bill yesterday and it was a whopping $420 for 3 weeks.  I called the propane company up on the phone and I asked why I am paying this exorbitant money for gas in my house.  She said that we used “darn near almost the entire tank of propane in 3 weeks.” I asked what was costing me so darn much money and she said that I am keeping my house too warm.  Too warm?  I have all my heater set to 67 or 68 degrees during the day and 65 at night.  For me, that is cold.  For me, that temperature calls for double layers and slippers inside the house.  Then she said that my dryer was probably costing us the second most amount of money in the household.  Ah ha! Problem fixed.  My super duper extra large capacity, energy star efficient, electric dryer that will only run for a short time since my extra capacity super duper washer will have spun the crap out of the clothes to the point that they are almost dry, should take care of that problem. 

The triplets third birthday is coming right up in  a month and they are so excited.  They want to go to Tumble Time for some gymnastics and they want balloons and cake.  Since they really don’t have any friends yet because they don’t go to school and all my friends have older kids, they will just enjoy their birthday with their sister and their cousin.  I cannot believe that they are turning three.  Ava was three when the doctors pulled those three little creatures from my exhausted body, so it is hard to think that they are now three.  I love them so. 

Ava has her spelling bee tomorrow.  Chris and Gigi will be sitting in the back making Ava nervous while she tries to spell very hard words under pressure.  She will do great because she is a “rise to the occasion” kind of kid.  Her handwriting will be perfect and if I had to guess I would say that she will spell every word correct.  She is a competitive girl.  I will report back later with the status of her spelling bee and whether she made it to the next round. 

If you need to reach me in the next day or two I will be in my laundry room admiring my new washer and dryer, potentially caressing it.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


Winter Tales January 11, 2011

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After winter break is over and all the decorations are put away, what we have left is the rest of a long cold winter. It is these months that stretch from January to May that are the hardest for me.  The kids can’t go outside and play very much which leaves us playing a lot of kitchen, or simply just throwing themselves off the couch onto the bean bags for the better part of the afternoon. Although I am not a big supporter of using furniture as play equipment, I do let them have a few extra freedoms in the safety of the playroom in the dead of winter. 

This winter is different from last winter, though, because I have found yoga.  Some people find God, I found yoga, and that is my God right now.  For me, yoga gives me the physical and mental strength I need to get through my days.  I have one yoga teacher in particular that I go to who incorporates a balanced combination of strength and exercise with meditation and spiritual thought.  If I am having a bad day or my thoughts are flooded with negativity, I go take a yoga class and my entire day is re-focused on the day and I can bring more happiness to myself. 

On Saturday I dragged Chris into yoga with my favorite teacher.  Chris has never taken a yoga class in his life, but he is strong and fairly flexible for a man, so I thought he could do it and maybe like it.  By the middle of class, Chris was sweating and some of the poses were too much for him as a beginner.  At one point I felt badly for him so I reminded him that he can go into child’s pose whenever he wanted to.  I had barely gotten the words out when he was down on the ground in child’s pose.  I thought he did well for someone who had never taken yoga before.  Yoga is not easy, and as you take more classes and get stronger and more flexible, more doors open up for you to take your practice to the next level and accomplish more challenging poses.  Chris loved the yoga class, and I noticed he talked about it many times throughout the rest of the day; it had made a real impression on him.  He really loved the meditation and spiritual component that my favorite teacher offers during class.  I think there are more yoga classes in his future. 

The kids have been really great lately.  Ava has been reluctantly practicing spelling words with Chris.  Ava’s teacher emailed us to tell us that she asked Ava if she is practicing her spelling words – a list of around 300 words that she could be asked to spell at the spelling bee in a few weeks – and she told her teacher that “my dad makes me spell hundreds of words each day!”

The triplets seem to be having a developmental burst right now.  Preston’s vocabulary is getting very good.  He seems to have a new energy about him and it is fun to watch him blossom as he approaches the big 3 year mark.  Elsa is such a great talker that when she is talking and people cannot see her, they think it is Ava talking.  Today Ava picked her up and hugged her when she got home from school, and Elsa turned to me and said, “this is my sister” with such admiration.  She still is refusing to potty train though, which means I am going to have to get tough with her soon.  I told her that when she turns 3 she will not be wearing pull-ups anymore.  Her response to this was, “oh, because I will be a big girl then?”.  Violet is also growing her vocabulary a lot, now we just need to work on her pronunciation.  She is the sweetest kid with the biggest heart.  Tonight she told me that her leg was hurting her so I rubbed it for a while.  When she got up to resume playing she said to me “thank you Mommy for making my leg better.” 

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.