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Snow Angels. . . Or Not! December 30, 2010

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The most popular word in our house right now is NO!  Although NO is one word and only two letters, there are so many meanings that come with the word when delivered by three almost three-year olds and one sassy redhead.  There is the angry NO. The defiant I will never do what you ask me to NO.  There is the often used FU NO, if you know what I mean, the jump off a cliff and die kind.  There is the whiny NO, the feel sorry for me because I am sad while I am saying NO.  And lastly, the most common in our household at the moment is the NO! YES! NO! YES!  NO, the age old sibling rivalry NO.  It goes something like this: Preston: I want to play with the Lite Brite.  Elsa: NO Lite Brite.  Preston: YES Lite Brite.  Elsa: NO Lite Brite.  This NO/YES banter can go on indefinitely until a parent intervenes.  By the time I intervene I don’t even know if they know what they were NO/YESing about. Ava, knowing by age 6 that she better not use the angry or defiant NO!  to us, uses the gentle sounding noooooa, to tell us that she knows we want her to do something but she is not on board and please don’t make her. 

Preston is famous for saying HOOOOOOOO KAAAYYYYYYYYYY these days.  Just like that.  The HOOOOOKAAAAAAYYYYY usually only comes after Chris and I have asked him more than once to do something and so we are frustrated with him and raise our voice.  Instead of saying “okay” he resorts to the longer more drawn out HOOOOOOOKAAAAYYYYYYY, like “dude, I get it, don’t get so excited.” 

Christmas is over and while we did have a lot of fun and indulged in a lot of food and drinks, I am so happy it is all over.  The decorations are down and we are on day 3 of getting them back under the house.  The kids made out pretty great this year with their own dolls, a new kitchen (bought second hand from my neighbor), a tea set and tea kettle, and of course Preston got a new beloved vacuum.  Preston has been vacuuming up the house ever since Saturday.  The triplets got scooters from Gigi and Gramps and they all love them, but Violet loves her scooter the best.  Last night Violet was in her snow suit riding back and forth on the driveway for over an hour.  When it was dark and time to go in for dinner, Violet had another few hours left in her.  She is very adventurous. 

Ava’s favorite part of Christmas is the actual opening presents process.  After she was done opening presents, she went through a post-present-pardum where she was slightly depressed and grumpy.  It wasn’t because she wanted more presents; it was only because she wanted to open more presents, if that makes any sense.  She snapped out of post-present-pardum and the kids played with their new toys together all day.  It was like a very messy toy store in our house on Christmas. 

Today we took everyone sledding up at Ice House and Gigi and Gramps came also.  What we learned from that experience is that the triplets are not at a good age for snow.  Preston was pissed the second he stepped out of the car because he fell on his hands before I could even get gloves on him, which equated to ice cold hands and lots of crying.  He did not recover.  Violet was having a great time making snow angels and throwing snow until she got on the sled and Chris pulled her too fast down the hill and she flew off and did a few rolls before landing face first in the snow.  She recovered, but not fully, and it took some time.  Ava was having a great time sledding until she decided she did not want to walk back up the hill again and demanded that someone carry her up.  We were already dealing with Preston and Violet and their issues, and Ava is 6 years old afterall, so we kindly asked her to walk herself back up.  Because Ava has bright red hair she stood her ground and didn’t budge in a stubborn standoff.  She melted down at the bottom of the hill.  Elsa just puttered along, not taking anything in life too seriously and making the most of her time out in the snow.  Sage had the very best time of all of us, running, hopping and jumping through the snow.  After 45 minutes of serious effort trying to make this a fun trip, we threw in the towel and headed back.  It was a very cold day, about 18 degrees up there, but so beautiful.  In a couple of years we will try again.  It seems like everything is about a couple of years away for us. 

Happy New Year everyone! May your 2011 be a fantastic one.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


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