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Christmas Card December 23, 2010

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Wishing you a wonderful holiday season

No, you did not get crossed off the Woolsey 6 Christmas card list this year.  I made an executive decision to not send one out this year on account of the fact that I have become scrooge this year, and also because I am feeling far too busy with normal life to be bothered.  So, above you will see the blog version of our holiday card.

Last week we found out that our super spelling and reader, Ava Rose Woolsey, was one of only two first graders at the school to qualify for the 1st/2nd grade spelling bee.  She was given a test of 20 challenging spelling words which she did not get to study for, and she was allowed to miss seven to qualify.  She qualified and at the end of January she competes against all of the 1st and 2nd graders at her school to see who goes on to the main competition.  Chris will for sure be driving her crazy from now until the next competition with random impromptu spelling words that he will require she spells. 

In triplet news, my almost 3-year-old triplets have recently realized that they can easily climb in and out of their crib.  My dreams and desires of keeping them in their cribs until they turn 18 is being destroyed and the cribs are turning into jungle gyms.  It is a dangerous game of catapulting themselves into the crib, where they mainly land straight on their heads, and then climbing out, which could easily turn into a broken arm one of these days.  The good news, up until this morning, is that they would always follow our rules and stay in their cribs until we came to get them.  That all changed this morning when Violet and Elsa decided to climb out of their cribs before 7am and run into Ava’s room to play.  Ava was in heaven as her long and lonely wait until 7am when she is allowed to leave her room turned into social hour with her sisters.  Now I am quite sure that every morning the girls will be climbing out of their cribs waking up the household.  In a strange twist of fortune, I actually stayed in bed until after 7:30am because the kids were all playing and doing their own thing, having discovered a small slice of freedom and independence. I guess on our list of chores for after the holidays will be to transfer cribs into toddler beds.  Sigh. 

All of my Christmas shopping is done, half of the presents are wrapped and the holiday festivities are well underway with a dinner out with the ladies tonight, our traditional Christmas Eve Eve at the Mannions tomorrow night and Christmas Eve at our The Kott’s house across the street. 

Merry Christmas to my dear family and friends.  We love you!

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


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