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Christmas Trees December 10, 2010

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Tonight I took my aggression and frustration out on four chicken breasts.  With a little old school Toad The Wet Sprocket playing in the background, I smacked the hell out of that raw meat with a big mallet and it felt great. I began my pounding gingerly, careful not to break the meat apart, and gradually I became more aggressive.  It had been a wonderful morning with the kids as they were very happy and funny and easy to parent.  After naps all hell broke loose when they woke up with a grumpy outlook on the afternoon which translated into all of them wanting me to hold them and carry them around at the same time.  This is truly when having multiples, higher order multiples in particular, becomes challenging.  There is only one of me and I only have two arms and two hands and that leaves at least one kid to fend for themselves.  I have been in the position before where I am holding a child in each arm and with one of my hands I reach down carefully so as not to drop the child in that arm and hold the third child’s hand.  It is definitely taxing on the body.

Chris was gone Monday and Tuesday and now he is off for the rest of the year.  I cannot tell you the joy this brings me. 

We hunted for Christmas trees with the Hosseinis on Sunday, which was kind of fun and kind of a lot of work.  I am definitely a scrooge this Christmas.  Seriously, I am barely keeping my head above water with housecleaning duties, making sure that my kids are clothed and fed and entertained, as well as getting myself some yoga time.  To add massive amounts of Christmas decorations, AKA clutter, to my world almost puts me over the edge.  I used to enjoy the process, and the end result, and I am sure I will again one day when I don’t have so many very young children.  But for now, can I just say F the decorations.  Hannukah is not even represented at the house this year, which will be the first time in 10 years.  But at night time when I look at the fruits of my labor, including the banister, mantel, two trees and various other decorations around the house, it does bring me joy; not to mention the joy it brings to the sweet precious faces of my children.

How is Mothership Montessori going, you may wonder?  Well, my teacher’s assistant Ava has seriously done more teaching than I have.  She insists on taking the printed papers we are working on and going over it with them in the car.  I am on winter break.  I will re-open, or just open, in January.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


One Response to “Christmas Trees”

  1. William Says:

    Take that, and that! Bad Chicken! ; ) Nice work as always, Friend : )
    We miss you guys and think about you all the time! Hermie’s joy is all our joy – awesome!!
    Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah!
    All the best,
    Will, Lesley, Chloë, and Lainey
    PS After further review, the Bronco receiver had both feet in bounds and the play stands – Touchdown!! Beauty Chris!!

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