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Mothership Montessori November 18, 2010

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Yesterday I asked Ava if she knew how to spell dinosaur because when I wrote it down on paper it didn’t look right.  I am a pretty good speller but I think as I get older there are lapses in my intellectual capabilities.  Ava on the other hand seems to be moving in the other direction.  It was a little humiliating asking my daughter how to spell a word, but I was desperate.  I didn’t want Ava’s teacher to see that I had misspelled a word on her reading log.  I felt confident that Ava would be up to the task of spelling dinosaur since she successfully spelled “cohesion” and “adhesion” on the first try the day before and Pennsylvania the day before that.  I feel that I have never really had to teach Ava anything because she just teaches herself.

Meanwhile, I have been feeling guilty lately because the triplets are going to be 3 years old in a few short months and I realized that I really haven’t taught them any of the basics.  They know how to recite their alphabet and numbers to about 15, but I have never sat down with them to work on letter recognition or colors.  The truth, according to the mothership, is that my triplets are perfectly ok where they are right now, and I know that, but there is so much pressure on moms and kids these days to make sure their kids know as much as possible as soon as possible.  I am sure what parents are really concerned about is that their kids don’t struggle in school when it comes time to go to Kindergarten; that they are prepared with the knowledge they need to have a good experience in school.  Oh there are always those parents who push their kids to be the next Einstein or Vos Savant (woman with the highest IQ in history), but most of us just don’t want our kids to have to struggle through school. 

However, the triplets are ready for preschool.  They tell me at least once a week that they want to go to school and then I ask them if they are going to get a job to pay for it at which point they stare at me blankly.  As a compromise, I ordered a preschool program for 2 year olds online and I am opening up the Mothership Montessori at home and only accepting three students; my kids.  We will be learning three letters at a time and completing basic tasks like tracing and drawing straight lines.  There is even a math and social studies section.

 If you are wondering how I plan on getting three two-year olds to sit with me while I teach them a school lesson, you are not alone.  I myself wonder how I am going to keep their attention and interest for more than 5 minutes, but I am keeping a positive outlook.  If I had to predict how Mothership Montessori will go, it will go something like this: Violet will focus wholeheartedly on each project, completing it meticulously while holding her pencil correctly; Elsa will have an initial abundance of interest which will turn into her annoying her brother and sister with something and then screaming at the top of her lungs when life isn’t going her way; Preston will decide at the moment whether he feels like participating at all and he will probably tell me “no” when I ask him to repeat a letter or word or trace a letter.  Preston will be my most challenging student because he is truly a kid who does things at his own time and pace and when he is good and ready.  He is in no hurry in life and will not apologize for it. 

In other news, we are already listening to Christmas music.  This last weekend Ava heard on Sirius Radio in Chris’s car that beginning Monday (last Monday), they would have a channel that plays all Christmas music all day.  When Monday morning rolled around do you think Ava forgot about the big Christmas music announcement?  Of course not.  On the way to school Ava asked Chris to tune in to the Christmas music station and much to her dismay that had not as of 7:30am Monday morning fulfilled their promise of Christmas music.  She didn’t give up her quest to start listening to Christmas music (before Thanksgiving might I add, sigh) and the next day the channel was playing Christmas music.  As some musician was belting out Santa Claus is Coming To Town I looked to the backseat and Ava had a huge smile on her face. 

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


3 Responses to “Mothership Montessori”

  1. Lesley Says:

    Don’t worry about them not knowing enough for kindergarten. I was worried for Lainey because in the US they start reading and writing in kindergarten and in Belgium they do not do ANY of that until 1st grade. I thought she would struggle while Chloe had this advantage from her American life. She started 1st grade not even 3 months ago and is now reading small BOOKS and adding numbers like a maniac. The teacher told me they feel they reach a better result by waiting untill they are all really ready for the material and they will learn in 1/3rd of the time, and they will enjoy it more! I have to say, Lainey loves learning. Same goes for potty training over here. They start pretty late, but they are completely trained in a few days. I think I am starting to like this low pressure society 🙂

  2. Mr Douglas Sherman Sidel Says:

    I couldn’t spell my own name in kindergarten and now I’m rich! 🙂


  3. Rosa Hosseini Says:

    Dear Megan,

    It was so good to see all of you happy and healthy. As usual I am proud of you being such a wonderful mother and raising beautiful children.
    Ahmad and I wishing you, Chris and your wonderful family a Very Merry Christmas and hope the year 2011 brings joy and happiness to your family.
    With Love — Rosa & Ahmad

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