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Beach Bound October 22, 2010

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3 little red heads sitting on my bed, one fell off and bumped her head, momma called the doctor and the doctor said, no more little red heads sitting on the bed

Halloween festivities

There is no dad on earth that wants to hear their son say what Preston said to Chris yesterday.  Preston walked in the room where Chris was, holding his penis.  Chris asked him what was the matter and he said “my penis is broken, I want a new one.”  Chris told him to go tell me what he just said and so he came and told me that his penis just fell off.  Chris says, “we are calling the doctor!”  Men take their penises so seriously.  I could see that his penis was neither broken and it still seemed to be attached to his body so in other words he was just messing with us. 

The Fairmont Orchid Resort, Hawaii

Chris and I are off to the Big Island of Hawaii on Sunday morning.  That’s right, I know, first the Paris trip, then the Sonoma trip and now Hawaii.  Yes, I do know how lucky I am and I do not need reminding.  Chris earned the Cresset trip again for an excellent year at his job and so off we go to an all expenses paid six-day trip to the Fairmont Orchid Resort.  Thank you Chris!  The Orchid was at one time The Ritz Carlton before it was bought by Fairmont, therefore it is said to be elegant and splendid inside and out, with its own beach and high-end restaurants and here is the best part. . . .  drum roll please . . .   no kids!

The domestics are making their way up to Cameron Park tomorrow to stay with the triplets while Gigi and Gramps take Ava for the week.  Ava and Gigi go to the same school each day, which makes that arrangement very convenient.  The domestics are well-versed on the ins and outs of triplet care which makes that arrangement pretty convenient. 

I just keep thinking, please don’t let anyone fall ill or let me break my leg or something dramatic and disastrous happen before my wonderful trip.  Also, my sister is ready to have baby Lilly any time now it seems, even though her due date isn’t until November 18th.  If Lilly is born without Auntie being there to watch her burst into this world, Auntie will not be happy. 

Chris and I plan on being on the beach with a book in one hand and a Mai Tai in the other by 1pm on Sunday.  We bought a copy of Freedom by Jonathon Franzen and we will have to do rock, paper, scissors to see who gets to read it first.  I think I should get to read it first because it will take Chris 10 years to finish it.

In other news, some crazy person set the very awesome Roseville Galleria Mall ablaze today and it is burning.  I love that mall.  When I am not shopping there I take the kids there to play in the indoor play areas.  If a mall had to go down in a blaze of glory why couldn’t it have been Arden Mall or Sunrise Mall?  As my mom would say, we are all “going to hell in a handbasket,” whatever that means.  Wikipedia says it describes a situation headed for disaster without effort or in great haste.  I will say that the merchandise in Macys, which had black smoke billowing from the roof all day, is for sure going to hell in a handbasket.  The British have some strange expressions.

Tonight as I was saying goodnight to the little girls Elsa said to me, “mommy, I like you sooooo much.”  That was the sweetest thing I heard all day. 

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


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  1. Mira Says:

    trying. not. to. glare. grrrrrrrrrrrrr

    Drink one for me.

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