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Adventures At Apple Hill September 30, 2010

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On Saturday my mom and I hosted Molly’s baby shower for little Lily who will be born in November.  We are all very excited for her arrival and had a wonderful time at the shower; great food, great people, great sparkling wine and cute baby girl outfits. 

On Sunday Chris and I decided to take all the kids to Apple Hill.  We are so lucky to live so close to such a fun place and nothing says fall like Apple Hill.  It was about 95 degrees on Sunday so it didn’t actually feel like fall, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying some hot apple donuts.  We got a dozen apple donuts fresh from the fryer at Larson’s Apple Farm and a ½ gallon of cider and sat at our picnic table and devoured.  At the end of the experience there were only 2 apple donuts left.  What I love about kids is their ability to make anything fun.  There were piles of pumpkins that our kids destroyed, circles of hay that they ran across, farm animals that they fed and tractors that they climbed.  No experience at Apple Hill was left untouched by the Woolsey kids. The triplets in particular have a very awesome ability to find fun activities that they create out of any environment they are put in.  It was a very fun morning and in the end they were tired and absolutely filthy; it took about 20 wet wipes in the car to get them to a semi-clean condition.  It made me happy that Chris and I are at the place now that we can take them places and they can be thoroughly entertained and happy running around and just being kids – fairly low maintenance. 

I witnessed a multiple moment yesterday that warmed my heart.  Violet, whose talking is getting so good yet she is still hard to understand a lot of times, was trying to tell me something.  We were in the kitchen eating breakfast and she kept telling me something that I couldn’t understand.  I would ask her to repeat it over and over and I couldn’t make out what she was saying.  I felt really bad for her because I am her mom and I should know what she is trying to tell me.  Finally, in a moment of desperation I said, “Elsa, do you know what Violet is saying?  Violet, tell Elsa what you are saying.”  And she did.  Then I said, “Elsa, what is Violet saying?” Elsa replied, “VV wants some toast.”  I said, “VV, do you want some toast?” and VV said, “YEAH!”  It was awesome.  Elsa may end up regretting helping me though since unbeknownst to her she is now Violet’s interpreter. 

Another cute multiples thing that is happening is Preston likes to help his sisters out in their time of need.  For instance, Elsa will be whining for her silly bands and I will be ignoring her.  I will hear Preston say “Elsa, do you want your silly bands?” and Elsa will say “yes”.  Then Preston will say, “mommy, Elsa wants her silly bands.”  This will happen all day.  Preston will want to make sure his sisters are taken care of. 


The other day Ava came back from school and we were working on homework and she said “Mommy, today a teenager said a bad word on the bus.”  Ava likes to call the middle school kids that ride the bus with her teenagers, and she loves teenagers.  This is what I had worried about when I put her on the bus to go home from school each day, the potentially bad influence the middle school kids would have on my innocent little 6 year old.  I said, “well, what word was it?”  Ava replied, “I can’t say, you guess.”  I said, “well, okay, was it sucks?”  I started off small in the arena of bad words, even though I say that one all the time.  “No,” said Ava.  Then I went big.  “Was it Shit?” “No,” said Ava. “Well, what was it then?”  Ava said, “they said Stupid!!!”  It was clear I had gone too big with my second guess.  A few days later Ava said to me that the “teenagers on the bus said a bad word again and it starts with an S.”  I wasn’t going to go big this time so I said, “was it stupid?”  She said, “no, they said shut up!” Then she said, “teenager are bad and I am never going to be bad when I’m a teenager.”  I said, “do you promise Ava? Do you promise you won’t be bad when you are a teenager?”  She said, “yes, of course!”  very emphatically.  We’ll see. 

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


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