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Universal Alignment September 21, 2010

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Wrestle mania in our house after dinnerThat is Ava standing tall on two other girls


It is possible that the universe and I are finally aligning a little bit.  Things seem to be looking a little more positive in my world.  No, I did not win the lottery affording me a full-time nanny and endless massages, but I did figure a few things out for myself.  

I made a promise to myself that I would make positive changes in my life upon my return from my yoga retreat. So far, I have accomplished a few changes.  First, I managed to meet my goal of going to four yoga classes last week – each one as difficult as the last.  I am trying to figure out why my yoga classes aren’t getting any easier after three months of pretty regular practice, and I think it is because I have been living a sedentary life pretty much since college.  Fifteen years, four kids, deflated muscles and 10 extra pounds later, I find it is taking a long time to get back into strength and flexibility; but I am doing it, one downward dog at a time. 

The other interesting thing that happened last week was I received an unexpected call.  I had been trying to figure out for about a month what extra-curricular activity I could put Ava in that would be worth all of our while.  I was looking for something with more of a time commitment that Ava could really enjoy and would expend some of her massive amounts of energy.  I was only coming up with a 45 – minute class here and an hour class there.  Then, out of the blue, I get a call from All-Star Gymnastics that they are looking to fill a spot in their competitive Acro Gymnastics Team and remember watching Ava at some of the free-gym play times and wondered if she wanted to come try out.  Ummmm, what the heck is Acro Gymnastics, was my first question.  Apparently Acro Gymnastics is a combination of gymnastics and cheerleading stunt moves.  The director told me it was three days a week for two hours at a time.  There would be traveling competitions four times a year.  So the next day I brought her to try out and Ava, in typical Ava fashion, was very shy for about 5 minutes and then she got in there and before I knew it she was running and lunging herself through the air into two other kids’ arms as part of the practice.  She was so excited that she spent most of the two hours jumping up and down.  So, although getting ourselves this committed to something is scary, I think this could be great for Ava. 

Meanwhile, life with Elsa, Violet and Preston is always interesting.  They are starting to really play well with each other.  They still fight plenty, but they also really enjoy having playmates.  Sometimes Elsa and Violet play dolls together, combing their hair and making them beds.  As someone who played with dolls until I was 10, it warms my heart to see the little girls playing with their dolls.  Preston can usually be found trying to fit random objects into or onto his vacuum; for some strange reason, this has a huge entertainment factor for him.  The girls ignore him when he gets weird with his vacuum and I just shake my head.  He is such a sweet boy though, because when one of his sisters is crying he goes to them and says, “what’s wrong Elsie pie (he calls Elsa Elsie pie because he heard me calling her that), and she says something like, “daddy is being mean to me” and then Preston says, “Oh, daddy mean to you?” and Elsie pie says “yeaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh” in her long drawn out dramatic way.  Then Preston will go to Chris and say, “daddy no mean to Elsie pie . . .  time out!” in his militant voice.  

At any given time of the day there is someone fighting, laughing, screaming or crying in this house.  I have come to accept it and let it roll off my back.  With three 2 year olds and a 6-year-old, there is always going to be someone having a bad day.  Maybe one day, 16 years from now when they are all off at college and Chris and I have a quiet house we will miss this loud, crazy, full of life house we have now; or maybe we will book a trip to Bali and soak up our solitude.  We will probably do both. 

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


One Response to “Universal Alignment”

  1. Lesley Says:

    Life seems good Meg! See what a little away time for yourself can do to your life 🙂 Ava will like Acro. Chloe and Lainey did acro gymnastics for the last two years here in Belgium. They quit this year, because they had too many activities and I made them choose. (I am really a taxi mother!!)
    Take care!!

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