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Mom Job June 26, 2010

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I spent an entire evening looking online for jobs.  I was on Craigslist and Monster.com.  I was not looking because we need the money, I was looking because I thought that any job in the entire world would be easier than the one I already have.  Yes, it was just one of those days.  Of course, I didn’t really think I was going to get a job for real when I was looking, but I still wasted an entire evening looking.  I just thought about how I could take a couple of days a week and drive to work, then I could sit in a lame cubicle and work in front of a computer screen or talk on the phone all day with my feet kicked up on my desk.  Maybe my co-workers and I would go out to lunch a few days a week and I could order a glass of wine and we could gossip about that lame person we work with.   How peaceful.  How quite.  How relaxing.  How liberating.  And then I thought about how much I would miss those little people back at home and the fact that someone other than their momma was taking care of them, and I would wonder all day what they were doing while I was at work and whether they were happy or sad. I would miss precious moments of happiness like in the pictures below.  I would’ve missed when Elsa talked in a six word sentence today.  I would’ve missed when Elsa had a boo boo on her knee and Violet went up to her and kissed it and then Elsa said, “thank you VV”.  Yes, raising four kids five and under is a very very hard job, but no, I would not want to miss their day-to-day life moments for an office job. 

Happy kids

This is me trying to steal a few moments and write some thoughts down for this blog

They are showing me the stickers that they placed all over their bodies

Ava is out of school and she is bored every second that I do not have plan for her.  She told me the randomly the other day while we were gardening that one of her school friend’s  mom was “the best” and that “she wishes she were my mom.  Oh. . . and you too.”  She added that last little part as a consolation prize for me so as to not hurt my feelings too badly. I think Ava is going through a little of the out of school blues that most kids probably don’t experience. . . but Ava isn’t most kids.  Let it be noted that I am also going through the same out of school blues.  Nevertheless, we shall survive the 7 weeks and I will do my best to keep the days of my eldest child occupied and fun-filled.  Perhaps then she will not want to trade me in for a better model of mom. 

The trio of terrible twos are talking, fighting and being generally very cute.  Tonight they had a blast running around the house chasing each other, their diapers practically falling off and dodging collision and subsequent injury at every turn.  Meanwhile, Ava had finally worn herself completely out and melted down and fell into a deep slumber at 5:30pm; unheard of and unprecedented in her almost 6 years of life.

 Perhaps next blog post I will explore whether it is appropriate to do a little light wine tasting while I have the triplets in tow.  A moral dilemma that I most certainly faced yesterday afternoon.  But now I must begin my vegetating process on my bed in front of my television.
Until next time, the mothership is signing off.

One Response to “Mom Job”

  1. Mira Says:

    Not only should you wine taste but you should give them some so they sleep on the way home. That’s my vote.

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