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Stairway Accidents June 4, 2010

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Preston working hard at his vacuum


Daddy is home from work


The girls weren't interested in wearing the Tinkerbell costume but Preston was. The green vacuum is a nice added touch.


Wrestlemania. I think Tinkerbell won.


Sister hugs


The little girls on their hike



The kids working hard with the tools fixing the vacuum

Violet made a bed in the laundry hamper where she stayed for an hour


Last night we had a stairway incident that was scary. This is our second stairway accident. Our first occurred when Ava was 18 months old. In the 30 seconds (that is not an exaggeration) that I was not watching her she decided to climb up the outside of the stairway 10 feet to the top. By the time I saw her she was all the way to the top. Being only 18 months old, but thankfully very sturdy, she did not realize what she had done. I called up the stairs in my most terrified mom voice, “Ava, don’t move!” At that moment I had a decision to make: do I try to run up the stairs as fast as I can and hoist her over the railing and save her from falling or do I stand right where I am and try to catch her? Ava looks terrified herself. She didn’t realize how high she had climbed in such a short period of time. I decided to stay put and I kept telling her to hold on tight and not let go. At that moment her left hand released from the railing and her entire body sailed from the top of the stairs. I tried to stand under her and catch her but I missed. I later received some flack for not catching her, but I want to know how many of you have ever had to try to catch someone falling 10 feet? It is not easy people. She hit the hardwood hard and hysterical crying ensued. We both cried hard. Chris was out-of-town of course so I called my mom in tears and she raced over. Then I called her pediatrician for advice on whether I should take her to the hospital and he said very calmly and matter of factly, “well, 10 feet is a long way for an 18 month old to fall.”  

Off we went to the hospital and as it turns out Ava had not one scratch, bump, bruise, break. It was amazing.  

What happened last night was not nearly as dramatic, although it could’ve been I suppose. Ava, Elsa and Violet were walking down the stairs. Ava was already at the bottom and Violet and Elsa were making their way down. Still at the top, Elsa must have slipped and she proceeded to cart-wheel down the entire flight of stairs. Violet screamed bloody murder at what she was witnessing. I was in the kitchen cooking dinner but I knew someone was falling down the stairs. Chris saw the whole thing and said it was horrific to watch
Chris grabbed Elsa and cuddled her up. I grabbed Violet whose massive empathy had led to personal trauma. Preston was crying the hardest, though, for reasons I cannot tell. Ava helped out in every way she could. Elsa was fine.  There were no broken bones or bruises or bumps.  

Tonight we went to Ava’s open house to see all of the great work she has done throughout the school year.  How is it that Ava is done with Kindergarten in two weeks?  I guess that is why you need to enjoy all the day-to-day moments with your kids, because before you know it they are out of the house and onto leading their own lives.   

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.   


One Response to “Stairway Accidents”

  1. Sophia Says:

    Hi Aunt Megan!!!! That was so funny! I thought that was sooo funny how Preston wore the tinker bell costume. Also, The Triplets and Ava are growing soo fast! I hope to see you guys (and girls) in the summer. I am coming in July!

    Sophia Woolsey (A woolsey family member)

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