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Mini Milestone May 14, 2010

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Today I experienced a mini milestone in triplet world. I did not have Chris home to help, I did not have a nanny to help, but what I did have was Ava’s swim team lesson at 4pm and two-year old triplets. I had missed the last two swim lessons and was determined to get Ava there today so maybe she wouldn’t come in last every race this season. Yeah, yeah, I know, it isn’t about winning the race, it is about trying your hardest. But Ava really wants to win a race.

I loaded those little people up and brought the choo choo wagon and some graham crackers, and we made it an adventure. We got to poolside and before Ava’s lesson even began, the natives were restless in their wagons. I must admit that I was scared because I was by myself with three two-year old by a huge body of water. This could get ugly. Last summer at the swim lessons the babies would just crawl right in the pool at will. This year they are a little older and wiser, but I was terribly outnumbered.

My strategy was simple, but effective as it turns out. Before removing each kid from their wagon we had a face to face lecture . . . I lectured in their face. I would say, “you may not go near the pool. If you go near the pool I will carry you back to the wagon, hook you up and you will stay in there the rest of the time.” Then I would let them out. Each kid got this lecture before I let them out. For a half an hour all three kids sat right next to me and watched the kids swim. I was proud. Maybe it was a fluke, but I felt like I accomplished something today; I got all three of my kids to sit by me with the tempting water only feet away.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


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