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Garden Saboteur May 6, 2010

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There is a mystery saboteur in my garden. A few weeks ago I painstakingly planted three whole flats of annuals to go along the bottom of my driveway (Ava helped). The next day, someone had come by and pulled every single one of the plants out of the ground and set them beside the hole. I was dumbfounded. Who would rip the plants from the ground of a hard-working mom who really has no time or business planting in the yard these days anyway? I was offended. I brainstormed with neighbors and we tried to think of potential enemies who would want to destroy me by pulling my beautiful annuals out of the ground. That path led us nowhere. Then we thought of teenagers who may think this would be a fun joke. That seemed unlikely because we figured that the plants would at least be tossed all over the road as part of the fun. My neighbor Kathy suggested maybe an animal came by and did the dirty deed. I blew off this theory because the plants were so neatly pulled and placed beside their holes.
The mystery was unsolved.
I replanted the plants less joyfully this time. A few days later about five of them were again pulled out of the ground. Oh my god, really people, I don’t have time to plant these plants one time, let alone two or three times! I replanted again.
The mystery was unsolved.
Two days ago I paid my gardeners to plant a bunch of plants at the top of my driveway by the front door. This morning, four of the plants were pulled from the ground and set beside the hole.
I think I solved the mystery, although without placing video surveillance out in my yard I will never have complete verification. My theory is as follows and starts with a very nice gentleman working at El Dorado Nursery. This man talked me into buying a very lovely product last time I was there buying plants. He said, and I will quote, “I bring my coffee out to my yard each morning, look around and think how very happy I am that my plants were planted with E.B. Stone Organics planting starter fertilizer.” Well, how could I not buy it? The man was very delighted by this product and I instantly envisioned my flowers being prolific and vibrant and happy. This was a product that I need to spend an extra $8.99 on. I noticed that the only plants that were being ripped from the ground were the ones planted with this miracle starter fertilizer in the hole. The conclusion of my theory is that not only plants love this special starter fertilizer, but so do raccoons. We have many raccoons who prowl the property after dark, and I think they are the culprits of my gardening mystery. Let me know what you think by answering the poll below. If you have your own theory, let me know.

Last post I forgot to share that Ava did indeed sing all of her songs from the church production of The Good News Cruise, from We are Serpents of the Lord, to Jesus Is In Our Heart.  For four shows straight, Ava got up on stage and sang her little heart out and had all the hand motions down.  I had to give her credit because that was a long time to stand up on stage through the singing and the down time.

It was a lot of Jesus for my husband the Jew.  Therefore, when the last show ended on Sunday, Chris brought Lauren and Ava to a Jewish Festival in Sacramento after the last show on Sunday.  They watched Israeli dancers, at hot dogs (Hebrew national of course) and listened to Matisyahu (http://www.matisyahuworld.com). There are some really nice pictures that Chris took of the girls from that afternoon above in the slideshow.

In other news, Preston is learning Spanish through his love of cleaning.  Our housekeepers come every other week and as soon as they arrive Preston goes to retrieve his personal mini Dyson.  He follows the cleaners all around the house with his Dyson cleaning right behind them, for two solid hours!  Seriously, that is some serious interest and dedication for a two year old.  The entire time they clean together, the housecleaners talk to Preston in Spanish.  I mean, they have serious conversations with Preston (one sided) and he listens intently while he vacuums.  Well, that day Preston picked up the Spanish words Adios and Gracias.  Later that day Preston told the man who was filling up our propane tank “adios” as he was leaving.  Now of course Violet and Elsa are saying it also.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


2 Responses to “Garden Saboteur”

  1. kaely Says:

    hi megs-
    cute pics. can you email me the pic of me and ava? i tried to click on it during the slideshow to copy it, but couldn’t gracias!


  2. Ha ha ha ha!!!!! The triplets are so cute. Including Ava. i loved the pictures of the triplets u put. Ava is picking up o the piano. She is really good at it for her age. I thought Preston’s “story” was so cute. By the age of 10, he will be speaking spanish fully! Violet is turning out to look so much like Ava. Elsa is so pretty and her hair is growing long. I miss u guys so much! i hope to see you at grandma and papa’s house! (or as u say, Dick and Sheri.)

    Best Wishes,
    Sophia Woolsey (a woolsey family member)

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