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Adventures With Violet April 15, 2010

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Tonight Violet locked herself in her bedroom. This kind of adventure usually does happen when Chris is not here. I have never tried to open a locked door before so I just used my common sense and got a very small screwdriver and stuck it in the little hole to try and rig it open. I think most of the problem for me was that I was not confident in my abilities to jimmy this thing open so I called the other Jimmy to come on over and do “mans work”. Violet was hysterical locked in the bedroom. I had shoved a binkie under the door to calm her down and then I shoved my fingers under and we held fingers together waiting for Gramps.

Meanwhile Ava was laying on one of the stairs and Elsa and Preston were stepping on her and rolling over her down the stairs, all of them laughing hysterically. Gramps showed up to save the day. It took him exactly 2.5 seconds to get the door open. Poor V was beside herself with fear. It wouldn’t be a day in the Woolsey household without some sort of adventure.

Chris and I went on a little overnight getaway last week to Sonoma. It was absolutely blissful. We stayed at the Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn and did nothing but eat, participate in the bathing ritual, swim in the nice warm mineral pools, read and sleep. I felt so unbelievably rejuvenated, and it was so nice for Chris and I to spend some quality time in a less stressful and demanding environment than home is right now. I loved it so much that I think we shall go back on Chris and my 10 year anniversary this summer.

Elsa is starting to talk in sentences now – she can string about three words together and it is so cute to hear. Preston is a quiet boy, but can repeat any word you say. Violet is making great progress with her speech, saying more and more words each week. The biggest thing I have notices about Violet is that she is feeling confident enough to try and say more words now. I took Violet to the doctor and she still weighs 20 pounds. Her doctor says that she weighs as much as a one year old. I told him that I feed her as much fat in her foods as I can and that I really don’t know what to do because I cannot force her to eat. The doctor thinks that it is better to be skinny than fat as long as she is healthy, which she is. I will continue to give her whole milk (and the other little kids as well), butter everything, give whole milk yogurt, etc. I think she will always just be a skinny kid though.


Ava saw a book at the doctor’s office and it was called “I Aint Gonna Paint No More”. Ava looks really hard at it and then reads it again out loud. She then turns to me and says, “that sounds funny. Is that Spanish?”

I guess she is educated already.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


One Response to “Adventures With Violet”

  1. Lesley Says:

    Hahaaa, too funny. Ava sure knows what is right and what "aint".

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