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Triplet Tantrums February 16, 2010

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It is one week until the little kids are two which is simply unbelievable to me. About a month ago when the Kapic triplets were over Emily asked me if mine were throwing tantrums because she said hers were throwing a lot of tantrums lately. I said that mine really weren’t throwing too many tantrums, and if they did throw a tantrum it was pretty mild and short lived. Fast forward a month later and we are being assaulted by triplet tantrums. Most people are accustomed to the single child tantrum, but the triplet tantrum takes the terrible twos to a new level.

Our biggest tantrum offender is Violet. She is so sweet and loving and good . . . until she throws a tantrum and then she becomes lucifer-like. She throws her body around and arches her back and screams really loud. Then the tears come; they are big and round and they roll down her cheeks in a steady stream. Last week when the speech therapist was here Violet through one of her biggest tantrums yet. I was on an important phone call and usually Violet does fine one-on-one with the speech therapist so I left the playroom. Violet was displeased with my departure and began her tantrum. By the time I got into the room a couple of minutes later, the tantrum had escalated to the point where she was throwing herself around the room, and throwing thing out of her hands in anger. The speech therapist told me that her second son was the worst tantrum thrower of all time, and if he had been born first, that she probably wouldn’t have had another child. I laughed out loud at that honest comment. She told me not to touch Violet and she and I would just play by ourselves until Violet snapped out of it. Sure enough, about 5 minutes later Violet decided she was done with her tantrum.

My second worst tantrum offender is my sweet boy Preston. Don’t even try to take something away from him or tell him that he can’t do something he wants to do. The good thing about Preston’s tantrums is that they really do not last very long.

Elsa does not throw many tantrums but she is the biggest drama queen of the triplets. She works hard with facial expressions to get as much sympathy as possible when she has been violated or hurt herself. It works very well for her.

These triplet tantrums do not even come close to comparing to the tantrums that my dear eldest child used to throw. Ava used to wake up from her afternoon naps and throw tantrums that lasted half an hour long. I used to have to close us in her bedroom door and sit in front her dresser so she wouldn’t catapult herself into it. I believe I may still be traumatized by Ava’s tantrums.

Last week we acquired a very nice piano. I would like to give a shout out to Chris’s brother Uncle Wago and sister-in-law Aunt Peggy for giving us their piano. I am including a link on YouTube of Ava’s reaction to the new piano. I think you may find her reaction unique and unexpected. As you may or may not know, Ava has been taking piano lessons for many months now, and is getting very good.

Ava ended up filling the entire page up with notes that she wrote and then played. I guess she wrote her first song.

Meg’s Favs

I would like to encourage anyone who has not gone out and watched the movie Avatar on the big screen with 3D glasses, to do so. It is the most fantastic movie Chris and I have seen in a long time and it would be sad if everyone didn’t go see it in the theater. The scenery and effects are incredible. Don’t miss it!

Until next time, the Mothership is signing off.


One Response to “Triplet Tantrums”

  1. The Kapics Says:

    Welcome to the tantrum world. It's as if they appear right on time – your kids are two soon 🙂

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