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Ava’s Social Calendar February 5, 2010

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Tonight I ate cheesecake and drank Dr. Pepper for dinner. I am going to write a book on my health plan and it is going to be called “How to Gain 5 Pounds In Two Days on the Triplet Plus One Diet”. I think it will be a bestseller among the “I don’t give a crap” crowd.

My 5 year old has quite the social calendar these days and it must not go unrecognized. I only wish my days were filled with such social events. On Saturday Ava spent the entire day with Bob, Angela, Kendall, Lauren and Ivy (another neighbor friend) at the UOP college swim meet and then we all stayed for dinner and came home at 9pm to crash into slumber. On Wednesday Ava again went over to Kendall and Lauren’s with a couple other neighbor friends to play all afternoon and then she invited herself to stay for dinner. Again, she came home only to sleep. Today she went to her Kindergarten friend’s house and ate sweets and played non-stop until 5pm.

While the little kids were in their bath tonight I looked downstairs and Ava was viewing our Hawaii pictures from last year on the television. She moped upstairs and proclaimed that she was crying a little bit downstairs because she missed Hawaii so much and wants to go again soon. I told her we could go to Hawaii in two years when the little kids are four years old and manageable on an airplane. Next thing I know, Ava called Gigi and Gramps and invited them on our trip to Hawaii coming up in two years. Gigi and Gramps accepted Ava’s invitation and Ava hung up victorious. Next, Ava called Kendall and Lauren and lamented about when we all went to Hawaii and how she longed to go again. Ava said to Lauren, “remember when we watched those Hawaiian Mexican dancers?” I said, “Ava, do you mean Hula dancers?”and she said confidently into the phone, “remember when we saw the Hallelujah dancers?” Ava proceeded to have a 45 minute conversation with both Lauren and Kendall all night until it was bedtime. Bottom line: Kendall and Lauren are on board with Ava for the 2012 Hawaii trip. They have even decided to stay on the same island at the same hotel: the Hyatt Kauai.

I hope they plan on getting some jobs.

I may have to get Ava her own dedicated phone line soon so she can keep up with her social conversations and fill her social calendar. I would like to also mention that Ava has plans for dinner and a movie at a Kindergarten friend’s house on Saturday night, whereas Chris and I will most certainly be hanging around the house that night. Ohhhhh, to be Ava.

Right now Ava is writing a long letter to one of her friends and painstakingly spelling each word out loud as she writes it down on paper.

The teenage years ought to be interesting around here.

But I don’t have to think about that yet. I can just sit back and enjoy my five year old as dynamic and spirited as she is now, because she is growing up so fast.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


One Response to “Ava’s Social Calendar”

  1. Mira Says:

    was it at least diet dr pepper? Cuz that's my trick. High fat food with low cal soda. Works every time.

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