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My Babies Turn 2! February 24, 2010

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Yum, Yum, birthday cake. I think I will eat extra and
store it in my cheeks
Cake is delicious

What kind of fun presents did Auntie bring us? what? a bubble blower? Awesome!

My handsome Preston James (who needs a haircut)
My beautiful Elsa Marin (she knows it!)
My beautiful Violet June

Well, I was going to be a really super terrific dedicated perfect mommy and write each one of my little ones a note on their birthday but here it is 8:30 the day after their birthday and I am just too tired to put that much love and energy into that project.

Here is what I’ll say to my babies who I can’t call babies anymore I guess: each one of you are unique and special in this world and unique and special from each other. You have so much love inside of you and so much loyalty to your family. You are definitely a lot to handle as you turn two, but you are each a wonderful addition to this family and we are grateful to have you in our lives. I can’t wait to see how you blossom this year of life.

We love you wholeheartedly,
Mommy, Daddy and Ava Rose

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


We are Serpents of The Lord February 22, 2010

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Those of you who know Chris and I know that we are not religious folk. We do not attend church. We do not say grace. Yet, Ava is in her third week of a church choir program where kids practice singing biblical songs, and then perform a concert in May.

Back in December Ava attended this church concert as a spectator watching her friends performing the songs and dancing. Ava LOVED it. Randomly, about a month ago Ava said “mom, do you remember that singing concert I went to where my friends were singing in front of all the people?” I said, “you mean the Christmas church choir concert?” And she said, “yes. I want to do something like that.” I told Ava that I think that was just a Christmas thing, but if she really wants to she could do it next year.

Very coincidentally, the very next day my friend Kari called and asked if Ava would want to participate in the “Good News Cruise” choir that is starting up again at the church. I told Ava about it and she was ecstatic and ready to sing her little heart out.

So Ava is into her third week of the Good News Cruise where they have to know a whole CD of songs and their hand movements. After the first practice session, Ava came home and said, “all they talk about is God, God, God. I get so tired of hearing about God.” I said, “well Ava, you are going to be hearing a lot about God and Jesus and the Lord, so if you don’t like it you may not want to do the choir.” But Ava was willing to overlook multiple mentions of God to continue singing and get herself to the ultimate prize: singing on stage in front of an audience. By the second practice session Ava knew all three songs perfectly, along with the accompanying dance movements; she is an enthusiastic participant in the Good News Cruise.

One of the songs is called “We are Servants of the Lord”, which Ava thinks is “We are Serpents of the Lord”. We haven’t corrected her because it is just so darn cute when she belts out the serpents part.

Well, it is official. Chris and I had a mini-conference in the bedroom today and decided that this age the triplets are in right now, turning two, is by far the hardest age we have experienced with them insofar. If we had any one of the kids singly life would be easy, but with three two year olds, we are dealing with a lot of rebellion and pushing the limits in the house.

For instance, If they are all in a bedroom, they climb onto the bed and start jumping around like three little jumping beans, just a misstep away from falling off the bed and getting a broken arm. Today I had the wrapping paper out in the bedroom because Ava and I were wrapping their birthday presents. Within a few seconds, they had worked as a team and unraveled a very long segment of the wrapping paper and were running and sliding across it like it was a slip and slide, and wrapping themselves up in it like three little presents. If they are in the bathroom they unravel the toilet paper, climb into the bathtub and throw toys around, and one time I found the girls playing in the toilet water like it was a warm summer day splashing around in the plastic kiddie pool. If they are in the kitchen they are climbing onto the kitchen table to get anything that was left on it, or trying to send emails on my computer. One time I left a big knife on the bread board and seconds later Preston was walking around the kitchen with it. If, heaven forbid, I leave the pantry door unlocked, they are helping themselves to raisins and other snacks, as well as opening up all the juice boxes and squirting them everywhere. If they are in the family room at the kid craft table, all three of them will climb on top of the table and start throwing crayons and colored pencils everywhere. I had to put all the coloring utensils in sealed containers. If one of the little kids is in the pack n play in a timeout, the other two come over to the pack n play laughing and taunting the person in the time out. Today we were sitting on the couch trying to relax for a few moments with a Baby Einstein when all three decided to make an Olympic sport out of launching themselves off the back of the couch. If you leave one of the doors in our house unlocked, Preston will let himself out and wander around the front yard by himself. So now we have to pay special attention that all the doors in the house are always locked.

It is hectic and dangerous around this house. It can never be underestimated how each of the triplets influences each other to do things that they wouldn’t necessarily do if they were a singleton. Elsa has been the instigator of all things naughty from the beginning, but now the lines are blurred as to who is starting the most mayhem in the household.

While Ava and I were at the grocery store today Chris was feeling ambitious and he laid out a big mat and put stamping materials, a few washable markers, some safe pens and paper down to let the little kids do some arts and crafts. We really haven’t done this before, but we figured since they were a day away from the big #2 that they may be ready to advance their art skills. Before they even got started on their project, Preston was eating the markers and Violet had stamped her entire face and Elsa had taken one of the markers and was doodling all over the windows. Then Chris took all the markers away and as he puts it, each one of them through a ginormous tantrum. Then Preston took a poop so big that it filled up the feet of his pajamas, and arts and craft time was over before it began.

They have also learned to say no, and it is very popular. Elsa started it of course. Elsa, can you please bring me that toy. Noooooooooooo. Elsa, please get off the table before you hurt yourself. Noooooooooooooo. And it is a very precocious no, long and drawn out. Then Preston got wind of the word no and all of its power and he began to assert his refusal all around the house. Violet just shakes her head at us all day. So now instead of having our authority simply ignored, we are flatly told, noooooooooooo, by our 2 year olds.

Lastly in the kid updates, Elsa has taken to stripping completely down to nothing when she wakes up from her nap, every single day. Every day I walk in her room and she is totally naked, hopping around her crib delighted with the freedom of her nude body. Her diapers and clothing are strewn about the crib as if she were stripping one item at a time and flinging them carefree and haphazardly about. I shutter every day to see if there is a fun little surprise awaiting me on the mattress; something that should perhaps be in her diaper that should be on her body, but so far she is just an innocent nudist. Today Violet and Elsa woke up at the same time and so Violet got her first glimpse of Elsa’s random nudity and she let out a little chuckle. Elsa chuckled back.

Where I used to say that all three little kids put together are easier than Ava, the tables have quickly turned. Ava is still demanding and high maintenance (because that is her personality), but she is also self sufficient and she listens to what I say (most of the time) and isn’t spending the better part of the day performing dangerous stunts.

I have a feeling that we have a challenging year ahead of us in the twos. Well, at least we are serpents of the lord. We do have that going for us, which is nice.

Tomorrow I will do a post for the kids on their birthday. I can’t believe that they are two already.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


Triplet Tantrums February 16, 2010

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It is one week until the little kids are two which is simply unbelievable to me. About a month ago when the Kapic triplets were over Emily asked me if mine were throwing tantrums because she said hers were throwing a lot of tantrums lately. I said that mine really weren’t throwing too many tantrums, and if they did throw a tantrum it was pretty mild and short lived. Fast forward a month later and we are being assaulted by triplet tantrums. Most people are accustomed to the single child tantrum, but the triplet tantrum takes the terrible twos to a new level.

Our biggest tantrum offender is Violet. She is so sweet and loving and good . . . until she throws a tantrum and then she becomes lucifer-like. She throws her body around and arches her back and screams really loud. Then the tears come; they are big and round and they roll down her cheeks in a steady stream. Last week when the speech therapist was here Violet through one of her biggest tantrums yet. I was on an important phone call and usually Violet does fine one-on-one with the speech therapist so I left the playroom. Violet was displeased with my departure and began her tantrum. By the time I got into the room a couple of minutes later, the tantrum had escalated to the point where she was throwing herself around the room, and throwing thing out of her hands in anger. The speech therapist told me that her second son was the worst tantrum thrower of all time, and if he had been born first, that she probably wouldn’t have had another child. I laughed out loud at that honest comment. She told me not to touch Violet and she and I would just play by ourselves until Violet snapped out of it. Sure enough, about 5 minutes later Violet decided she was done with her tantrum.

My second worst tantrum offender is my sweet boy Preston. Don’t even try to take something away from him or tell him that he can’t do something he wants to do. The good thing about Preston’s tantrums is that they really do not last very long.

Elsa does not throw many tantrums but she is the biggest drama queen of the triplets. She works hard with facial expressions to get as much sympathy as possible when she has been violated or hurt herself. It works very well for her.

These triplet tantrums do not even come close to comparing to the tantrums that my dear eldest child used to throw. Ava used to wake up from her afternoon naps and throw tantrums that lasted half an hour long. I used to have to close us in her bedroom door and sit in front her dresser so she wouldn’t catapult herself into it. I believe I may still be traumatized by Ava’s tantrums.

Last week we acquired a very nice piano. I would like to give a shout out to Chris’s brother Uncle Wago and sister-in-law Aunt Peggy for giving us their piano. I am including a link on YouTube of Ava’s reaction to the new piano. I think you may find her reaction unique and unexpected. As you may or may not know, Ava has been taking piano lessons for many months now, and is getting very good.

Ava ended up filling the entire page up with notes that she wrote and then played. I guess she wrote her first song.

Meg’s Favs

I would like to encourage anyone who has not gone out and watched the movie Avatar on the big screen with 3D glasses, to do so. It is the most fantastic movie Chris and I have seen in a long time and it would be sad if everyone didn’t go see it in the theater. The scenery and effects are incredible. Don’t miss it!

Until next time, the Mothership is signing off.


Ava’s Social Calendar February 5, 2010

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Tonight I ate cheesecake and drank Dr. Pepper for dinner. I am going to write a book on my health plan and it is going to be called “How to Gain 5 Pounds In Two Days on the Triplet Plus One Diet”. I think it will be a bestseller among the “I don’t give a crap” crowd.

My 5 year old has quite the social calendar these days and it must not go unrecognized. I only wish my days were filled with such social events. On Saturday Ava spent the entire day with Bob, Angela, Kendall, Lauren and Ivy (another neighbor friend) at the UOP college swim meet and then we all stayed for dinner and came home at 9pm to crash into slumber. On Wednesday Ava again went over to Kendall and Lauren’s with a couple other neighbor friends to play all afternoon and then she invited herself to stay for dinner. Again, she came home only to sleep. Today she went to her Kindergarten friend’s house and ate sweets and played non-stop until 5pm.

While the little kids were in their bath tonight I looked downstairs and Ava was viewing our Hawaii pictures from last year on the television. She moped upstairs and proclaimed that she was crying a little bit downstairs because she missed Hawaii so much and wants to go again soon. I told her we could go to Hawaii in two years when the little kids are four years old and manageable on an airplane. Next thing I know, Ava called Gigi and Gramps and invited them on our trip to Hawaii coming up in two years. Gigi and Gramps accepted Ava’s invitation and Ava hung up victorious. Next, Ava called Kendall and Lauren and lamented about when we all went to Hawaii and how she longed to go again. Ava said to Lauren, “remember when we watched those Hawaiian Mexican dancers?” I said, “Ava, do you mean Hula dancers?”and she said confidently into the phone, “remember when we saw the Hallelujah dancers?” Ava proceeded to have a 45 minute conversation with both Lauren and Kendall all night until it was bedtime. Bottom line: Kendall and Lauren are on board with Ava for the 2012 Hawaii trip. They have even decided to stay on the same island at the same hotel: the Hyatt Kauai.

I hope they plan on getting some jobs.

I may have to get Ava her own dedicated phone line soon so she can keep up with her social conversations and fill her social calendar. I would like to also mention that Ava has plans for dinner and a movie at a Kindergarten friend’s house on Saturday night, whereas Chris and I will most certainly be hanging around the house that night. Ohhhhh, to be Ava.

Right now Ava is writing a long letter to one of her friends and painstakingly spelling each word out loud as she writes it down on paper.

The teenage years ought to be interesting around here.

But I don’t have to think about that yet. I can just sit back and enjoy my five year old as dynamic and spirited as she is now, because she is growing up so fast.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


The Triplets Take on Starbucks February 2, 2010

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Eating Ice Cream

When you have sisters, you end up with a clip ponytail in your hair

My nanny hours changed last week and I am in the middle of trying to adjust to having Monday and Wednesdays by myself with this pack of wolves I have. I am down to help three days a week which is actually, in reality, probably good for me. In an ideal world I would have a nanny from 7am to 7pm every single day (hey, why not? It is good for everyone. In a realistic world I will have to start pairing down my nanny hours a little since the triplets are turning two this month. The ironic thing about the statement I just made is that I think I may benefit from the help of a nanny now more than ever since they have entered the mobile, verbal, tantrum stage of life.

I really think nannies are an underused commodity in this country. I mean, other cultures have that “village” to raise kids and get help from all kinds of different family and neighborhood sources. Our American culture isn’t structured like that so it is left to a single person who doesn’t work outside the home to grocery shop, cook all meals, clean up after every meal, take kids to and from school and to and from extracurricular activities, take care of homework and organize all school paperwork, while actually taking care of all the kids. We all need nannies a few days a week. Maybe I will write Obama and encourage him to include in his new health care bill a nanny allowance for all moms. With the nanny allowance I guarantee a happier nation.

I digress. Last Monday I was feeling ambitious. It was my first Monday sans Nanny for probably two years and I decided to conquer this new challenge with a positive attitude. I woke up very cheerful and with a zest for triplet plus one motherhood; this is a rare event. I knew I had a crazy morning ahead of me because I had to get all four kids breakfast, get them all dressed, pack Ava’s lunch for school, load the stroller, then load four kids into their car seats and head out to Ava’s piano lesson by 9am. It was all going smoothly so far since I was well prepared the night before with all their clothes laid out. That morning I actually pried my half asleep body out of my ultra comfortable Chatam and Wells bed at 6:30am and took a shower and was prepared for the day by 7am. By 8:45 I had all kids locked and loaded into the minivan and we were headed for piano. I called my sister on the way and told her I was bringing all three little kids into Starbucks and she was dubious about the success of this event. So was I, but I had to do it.

At Starbucks I loaded the little girls into the stroller but I did not buckle them in since we were just going from the parking lot to the inside of Starbucks. This turned out to be a big mistake. I held Preston’s hand instead of putting him in the stroller. This too, was a big mistake. Preston finds it hilarious to make me drag him from one destination to the other by his arm as he laughs hysterically. So here I am pushing a double stroller with one arm and dragging a kid by his arm with the other arm, diaper bag heaved over my shoulder, hoping some charitable soul will at least grab the door for me. As I order our goodies at the counter I turn around and both girls are climbing out of the stroller because I did not secure them in. They look like little monkeys. As I tell them to sit down, and then manually sit them back down in their seats again, they immediately start climbing out. Meanwhile Preston is running amuck shouting out his demands and orders. He knows that there are good things to be had at Starbucks like coffee cake, apple juice, scones and chocolate milk, and by god, he does not want to miss out on that kind of snacking. His English is unintelligible but his point is being made: get me a god damn scone now before I let loose one of my high pitches girl screams. I am literally starting to sweat. I am getting the “glad that isn’t me” stare from moms left and right and the “you have your hands full” comment from the rest of the patrons. I order my stuff quickly and we sit down at a table and I pray for peace since I have in my possession the cinnamon coffee cake. Unfortunately the Woolsey triplets make even more of a scene when apparently Preston wants the entire bag with the coffee cake in it to himself and I am not feeding the girls fast enough either. I buckle the girls up fast, leave my beloved coffee and remaining crumbs of coffee cake and head out the door as fast as I can. I later retrieve my coffee but forget my wallet. I guess we all know what is most important in my life. A nice lady run out to hand me my wallet and leaves me with a parting “you have your hands full” comment which I never get tired of hearing (ha ha). I was really embarrassed at the end of my Starbucks experience, but it was yet another learning lesson in the mothering of triplets: strap them down and give them raisins before walking into Starbucks.

So I decided Mondays must be structured differently in order for Ava to continue taking piano lessons each Monday. Today I brought the choo choo wagon and the little kids and I went for a walk around the neighborhood where Ava takes her lessons, and then stopped off at the park and the kids went down the slide about 100 times. Well, that was a better idea.

I made it through another day.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.