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Mutiny November 13, 2009

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By the end of the day yesterday:

The number of times I said “no” = approximately 35 times
The number of times Chris and I cleaned a poopy diaper = 10 (seriously)
The number of threats I had to give my children to get what I wanted = 10
The amount of trays to booster seats I cleaned = 20
The number of times I swept the floor = 3 (but should’ve been 5)
The awake hours of the day I was holding children = 11
The number of trips to Starbucks to get us through the day = 2 (should’ve been more)
The number of times I told Chris I am going to put the kids in their cribs and go to a bar = 1 time The number of times I threatened to give my dog away = 1 time
The number of cups of water thrown outside the bathtub by the babies during bathtime = 12ish
The number of times I laughed at how adorable my kids are = countless

There is mutiny on board the mothership. The crew is starting to work together and turn against their captain. This morning we had a frenzy of throwing valuable cargo overboard: breakfast sausage, English muffin, fruit. So, I said in my fed up stern captain voice, “that’s it! There will be no more food for you Elsa!” At this time I took her tray off and as I was washing it I looked behind me and Violet was passing food over to Elsa. I heard her little “tank too” which is “thank you” and then she proceeded to throw Violet’s food on the ground. They were working together against me. It is starting already.

We had our family photos taken yesterday. I think I dread family photos more than anything else in the world. Why? Because my kids are never happy at the photo shoot and Chris and I are outnumbered which becomes unmanageable while out on a photo shoot. The children are inevitably grumpy and therefore I feel grumpy. I usually don’t let too many things stress me out in my life otherwise I would just be stressed out and miserable all the time, but the photo shoot was at 9am and by 7:30am I had a raging headache. The outfit decisions, the runny noses, and the anticipation of the photo shoot were killing me. We changed Ava’s clothes about five times trying to find the right thing and she was very annoyed at us. I had to fix five heads of hair including my own which I hardly ever fix. The photo shoot was as miserable as I expected it would be. Preston tends to be a grumpy old man a lot anyway, but with the cold and the fact that he was extremely tired that morning, he was severely grumpy. He cried most of the morning and would not stop unless I was holding him. The photographers did a great job and were very patient in working with us. I am sure out of all the photos they took there should be a least a few good ones. At one point the photographer said to us “wow, you must have to have a lot of patience huh?” No comment.

I forgot to add this on to the blog the first time I sent it out but our very own Ava Rose Woolsey, against all odds, made her first game-ending goal last Saturday. It was Chris’s proudest parent moment he said. She went from literally standing on the field picking grass and wrapping her hair around her fingers at the beginning of the soccer season to jumping into action and dribbling the ball all the way down the field to score a goal. Chris put it on youtube if you want to check it out:

I don’t usually throw out endorsements in my blog, I but I feel compelled to start. Why? I don’t know. Maybe I have just been feeling strongly about things lately – everything from dishwashing detergent to movies. So, here is my endorsement for the day:

Food, Inc. – rent it. Very interesting and disturbing, but most definitely a must see.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


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