Woolsey Family Chronicles

Documenting the journey of raising triplets and their wild big sister

Crazy Times List September 17, 2009

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Things are getting crazy around here. Here is a list of the top 10 reasons why:

  1. Ava has a boyfriend at Kindergarten. He is quite a gentleman my sources tell me. They may or may not get married; only time will tell.
  2. Elsa and Preston hate each other right now. Elsa has a signature squawk that makes Preston so very angry.
  3. The babies are fighting over everything. They pull hair, bite and hit each other over the head with hard objects. It is madness.
  4. The baby girls have learned how to climb up onto the bed. They get up there and it is party central. Add Ava to the mix and it is just pure danger. Preston stands at the bottom of the bed and grunts hoping someone will throw him a bone and help him up but his sisters just ignore him. Tonight, in an effort to keep my children from killing themselves on the bed, I took a mattress out of one of the cribs and let them jump and play on that. They still got hurt.
  5. Violet invented the new Olympic sport of climbing up onto the top of the Lego table and catapulting herself off in the hopes that I am below to catch her. Sometimes I am there to catch her, sometimes I am not. A few days ago I was body slammed from the left by a flying Violet. Now Elsa is doing it also. Preston just plays with his pink vacuum.
  6. Ava is pouring her own beverages.
  7. Elsa is going on day #3 of not wanting me to put her down. . . ever. I am to hold her nonstop during her waking hours. HELLO! You are a triplet.
  8. Nobody wants to be put in their car seat or the stroller. I get the arched back, screaming hysteria if I attempt to do so. I have to pin them down and attempt to hook them while they flail their limbs and try and push themselves out.
  9. Ava enjoys using the word crap – the other day in the hot tub she proclaimed that she “can’t get through the crap of babies.”
  10. In order to free myself from the madness for 20 minutes while I cook dinner I put on a Baby Einstein. I say, “who wants to watch a Baby Eistein?” and they all stampede into the family room and stand in front of the TV. Then I position them nicely on the couch and they squeal with joy as the cute caterpillar comes on before the show starts. They watch it for 5 minutes and then they wander into the kitchen to see what I am doing and there goes my 20 free minutes.

With that said, they are excellent kids. They are just 18 months old now and they are exploring everything and voicing their opinions constantly. One 18 month old is challenging and three is, well, just crazy.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


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