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Simplify September 14, 2009

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I had the most amazing dream last night – at least it felt amazing while I was dreaming it. I know that hearing about other people’s dreams are boring but this is my blog so I have to write my moments down. I was in this small town in Germany that had a name that I probably made up but now I can’t remember it. I was enjoying a glass of wine at one of those long wooden community tables that is so common in Germany. I ran across a man who was German but speaking in a perfect English dialect and he told me that he had singlehandedly eliminated religious extremism in Germany and I told him that we need him over in America. Random. But perhaps this part of my dream stems from the fact that so many schools are banning Obama’s speech about staying in school and working hard – even my school that I attended from Kindergarten through 8th grade has banned it from being played. Next in my dream I went on this pleasant walk down a wooded path all by myself. I took in the air and the trees and enjoyed just hearing my feet crunch the earth below. Next thing I knew I came upon this adorable little village with cobblestone streets and small white buildings with quaint storefronts. I walked into one of the shops and it was filled with beautiful things – elegant night gowns, antique household items, fragrant soaps. I stood in the middle of the store and just looked around. I remember feeling at peace in my dream just enjoying some stress free moments in a foreign country. And then I heard a little voice . . . mommy, can I have my warm apple cider? Then I wasn’t in Germany any more. I was in my bedroom being woken by my five year old daughter who demands things from me all day. I just hoped that before Chris left on his 18 – yes 18 mile run — that he prepared it for Ava and I could get a few more minutes in bed. And he did.

My life feels very full right now; a little too full I must say. My life is busier and more complicated than it has ever been and I think it is just going to get busier and more complicated before it is all over. Violet’s speech therapy and physical therapy are starting this next week and I have to drive deep into Folsom (25 minutes each way) to get to these appointments between naps and picking and dropping Ava off to Kindergarten and all the other things that life brings my way. Violet has had one speech therapy appointment and she did a great job. She still isn’t really saying any words other than mommamommamomma but I can tell that she will come a long way with therapy because she is smart and determined. The therapist was adamant that red heads are stubborn beyond belief but they are smart and they do well. Within five minutes with Violet, she had determined that Violet fit this mold.

Ava had her first soccer game on Saturday which we had to bend over backwards to get her to. Chris ran his 18 miles and then had to do some business down in Sacramento. I had all the kids by myself. I had to call in my dad to come and stay with the babies so I could take Ava to this soccer game. It was a pathetic display. Let’s just say soccer is not Ava’s best game, and it wasn’t my proudest moment as the mothership watching Ava “play” in this game. Ava’s soccer practices have been a test of Chris’s patience every Monday night so I was prepared for a mediocre display of soccer playing by Ava. We got to the soccer game and Ava immediately turned in to mopey Ava. She had a frown on her face and no matter how enthusiastic and encouraging I was, it wasn’t going to make Ava like the game of soccer. First of all, the team has to do a quiet cheer especially designed for Ava who cannot tolerate loud cheers for some reason. Then the coach generously started Ava in the game and Ava meandered out to the field, fiddled with some grass that was in her hands at the time, and when she got into her first little scuffle with the ball and the other players, she began to cry. The coach took her out, I stopped my videotape rolling and tried to muster up all the patience within me to ask her why she was crying and if she wanted another shot in the game. Then it began to rain the most enormous rain drops and I stood in the rain and watched Ava mope around the field completely uninterested in the sport of soccer. The only time I ever saw Ava light up was when the game was over and snacks were served. I only have about 10 more games of this. I want to quit.

In other news, happy 1st birthday to my cute nephew Ronin! We had a birthday party for him and he got presents, the company and friends, and of course, cake. What could be better really?

I yearn for simplification in my life that I most certainly do not have, but I am sure I am on this path for a reason. I am supposed to be here on this rocky path headed to the unknown. I must admit that sometimes I want to veer off the path and run for the hills, but this family is a team and we all need each other equally. So I will stay the course and see where this path leads me and hope that it is Hawaii. Okay, so it may not be Hawaii but perhaps it could end up somewhere peaceful and happy and maybe a little more simple.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


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