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The Dismantling of a Guest Room September 26, 2009

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We load up the car for a couple hours at Cameron Park Lake Free spirited Violet

Wacky wet Ava

Super poser Ava Roser

Preston doing his best grumpy old Jewish man impersonation

Remember #4 of the last blog entry in my “top 10 reasons life is getting crazy in the Woolsey household” about the fact that the girls learned to climb on the bed and may end up killing themselves? Well, a few days ago I was putting away clothes in Ava’s bedroom when I heard Elsa crying hard. I walked into the guest bedroom and Ava was trying to console Elsa and Elsa was so upset. I asked Ava what happened but I cannot rely on her information much more than “she fell off the bed” because Ava was afraid she would be blamed for the incident so she would be willing to tell just about any lie to cover her ass. So, I picked Elsa up and cuddled her but she cried for about an hour. Chris tried rocking her and I tried holding her downstairs in a new environment. We eventually realized that she wasn’t using her right arm at all. We tried putting a binkie in her hand and she would just drop it. Of course we thought she probably broke it. We put her to bed with some Motrin and rubbed her back until she was almost asleep. I worried about her rolling over on her arm and screaming in pain, but that little girl slept all the way until 7am without a peep. The next day I got the first appointment for the doctor. Ava insisted on going with me because the doctor’s office is one of her favorite places to be. The doctor took Elsa’s arm and wiggled it all around while Elsa screamed in pain. He told me he thought her elbow was out of the socket but he may have just heard it pop back in but we still had to go get x-rays. At the end of the day, the x-rays showed no damage – no broken bones or joints out of their socket – just a healthy little arm that escaped serious injury this time. Chris took down the guest bed that day. And so begins the dismantling of the guest bedroom

I can’t help but to mourn the loss of my guest bedroom a little. I took great care and interest to create a comfortable and attractive guest room with Van Gogh and Degas prints and little touches of France throughout. The guest room was always a beautiful room to me because it is very spacious and has nice views (including the snow capped Sierra in the winter) and its own bathroom. I feel that my house is slowly turning into a children’s play center, one room at a time. First it was the billiard room complete with beautiful billiard table and accompanying artwork, later turned playroom. Now that I didn’t mind because no one ever really played pool and it was a big waste of space. As a playroom it may not be as attractive but it certainly is functional. Now my beautiful French style guest bedroom is being torn apart to become yet another kid area of the home. My beautiful comforter packed up and vacuum sealed, my random antique night stand now sits homeless and alone in the other corner of the room, the bed frame disassembled to go under the house, the box spring lying against the armoire, and the mattress is lying on the ground being physically abused by four small children at every opportunity. We moved Elsa’s crib back in there because as much as I would like them to all sleep together in one room, I think the dynamics work better when Elsa has her own room. Let’s face it, everyone gets to sleep a little longer and getting a good sleep takes a high ranking in my top 5 most important things in life. The kids and their toys have fully taken over the upstairs and part of the downstairs. Can I write off most of my house at tax season and call it a preschool or day care center? I guess not since they are my small creatures and not someone else’s.

I am having a hard time giving up the babies’ morning nap. I put them down at 9am this morning and by 10am I went to check on everyone and they were all just sitting up there in their cribs messing around. I brought them down and implemented plan B which was two babies on a walk with Laura and one baby to Costco with me. Ava was on a field trip to the zoo. So afternoon naps it is. It was a nice long run with the two naps a day but I guess it is time for the babies and I to give them up. We are getting older now and they don’t need as much daytime sleep and I need to get a morning routine so we aren’t all bored every morning at home. If anyone has any fun and interesting ideas or activities for three toddlers, please comment on it. Our current list of activities are as follows: park play requiring two adults namely nanny Laura or Kathy and myself in which kids throw bark and then laugh hysterically followed by risking their lives atop the play structure nearly falling out of every open area at the very top concluding with swinging and then home; the Costco trip requiring two adults to push three kids in two carts wherein lots of samples are consumed and many “triplets” commentary are tolerated; the toy store rampage – this one is where I take the kids by myself to a toy store and let them run wild crashing carts into displays and touching every toy they can find while I chase them around picking up toys and making sure they don’t leave the store or bother other patrons; take the kids to the Roseville Galleria where there are indoor play structure that the kids play and we have one adult on the inside managing the kids and one adult at the exit so we don’t have to find one of our kids wandering through Sears again.

In other news, I made four home cooked meals this week. I cooked, cleaned and took care of my kids, and that is a very full life. I am truly a homemaker. I really need to find a hobby.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


Crazy Times List September 17, 2009

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Things are getting crazy around here. Here is a list of the top 10 reasons why:

  1. Ava has a boyfriend at Kindergarten. He is quite a gentleman my sources tell me. They may or may not get married; only time will tell.
  2. Elsa and Preston hate each other right now. Elsa has a signature squawk that makes Preston so very angry.
  3. The babies are fighting over everything. They pull hair, bite and hit each other over the head with hard objects. It is madness.
  4. The baby girls have learned how to climb up onto the bed. They get up there and it is party central. Add Ava to the mix and it is just pure danger. Preston stands at the bottom of the bed and grunts hoping someone will throw him a bone and help him up but his sisters just ignore him. Tonight, in an effort to keep my children from killing themselves on the bed, I took a mattress out of one of the cribs and let them jump and play on that. They still got hurt.
  5. Violet invented the new Olympic sport of climbing up onto the top of the Lego table and catapulting herself off in the hopes that I am below to catch her. Sometimes I am there to catch her, sometimes I am not. A few days ago I was body slammed from the left by a flying Violet. Now Elsa is doing it also. Preston just plays with his pink vacuum.
  6. Ava is pouring her own beverages.
  7. Elsa is going on day #3 of not wanting me to put her down. . . ever. I am to hold her nonstop during her waking hours. HELLO! You are a triplet.
  8. Nobody wants to be put in their car seat or the stroller. I get the arched back, screaming hysteria if I attempt to do so. I have to pin them down and attempt to hook them while they flail their limbs and try and push themselves out.
  9. Ava enjoys using the word crap – the other day in the hot tub she proclaimed that she “can’t get through the crap of babies.”
  10. In order to free myself from the madness for 20 minutes while I cook dinner I put on a Baby Einstein. I say, “who wants to watch a Baby Eistein?” and they all stampede into the family room and stand in front of the TV. Then I position them nicely on the couch and they squeal with joy as the cute caterpillar comes on before the show starts. They watch it for 5 minutes and then they wander into the kitchen to see what I am doing and there goes my 20 free minutes.

With that said, they are excellent kids. They are just 18 months old now and they are exploring everything and voicing their opinions constantly. One 18 month old is challenging and three is, well, just crazy.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


Simplify September 14, 2009

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I had the most amazing dream last night – at least it felt amazing while I was dreaming it. I know that hearing about other people’s dreams are boring but this is my blog so I have to write my moments down. I was in this small town in Germany that had a name that I probably made up but now I can’t remember it. I was enjoying a glass of wine at one of those long wooden community tables that is so common in Germany. I ran across a man who was German but speaking in a perfect English dialect and he told me that he had singlehandedly eliminated religious extremism in Germany and I told him that we need him over in America. Random. But perhaps this part of my dream stems from the fact that so many schools are banning Obama’s speech about staying in school and working hard – even my school that I attended from Kindergarten through 8th grade has banned it from being played. Next in my dream I went on this pleasant walk down a wooded path all by myself. I took in the air and the trees and enjoyed just hearing my feet crunch the earth below. Next thing I knew I came upon this adorable little village with cobblestone streets and small white buildings with quaint storefronts. I walked into one of the shops and it was filled with beautiful things – elegant night gowns, antique household items, fragrant soaps. I stood in the middle of the store and just looked around. I remember feeling at peace in my dream just enjoying some stress free moments in a foreign country. And then I heard a little voice . . . mommy, can I have my warm apple cider? Then I wasn’t in Germany any more. I was in my bedroom being woken by my five year old daughter who demands things from me all day. I just hoped that before Chris left on his 18 – yes 18 mile run — that he prepared it for Ava and I could get a few more minutes in bed. And he did.

My life feels very full right now; a little too full I must say. My life is busier and more complicated than it has ever been and I think it is just going to get busier and more complicated before it is all over. Violet’s speech therapy and physical therapy are starting this next week and I have to drive deep into Folsom (25 minutes each way) to get to these appointments between naps and picking and dropping Ava off to Kindergarten and all the other things that life brings my way. Violet has had one speech therapy appointment and she did a great job. She still isn’t really saying any words other than mommamommamomma but I can tell that she will come a long way with therapy because she is smart and determined. The therapist was adamant that red heads are stubborn beyond belief but they are smart and they do well. Within five minutes with Violet, she had determined that Violet fit this mold.

Ava had her first soccer game on Saturday which we had to bend over backwards to get her to. Chris ran his 18 miles and then had to do some business down in Sacramento. I had all the kids by myself. I had to call in my dad to come and stay with the babies so I could take Ava to this soccer game. It was a pathetic display. Let’s just say soccer is not Ava’s best game, and it wasn’t my proudest moment as the mothership watching Ava “play” in this game. Ava’s soccer practices have been a test of Chris’s patience every Monday night so I was prepared for a mediocre display of soccer playing by Ava. We got to the soccer game and Ava immediately turned in to mopey Ava. She had a frown on her face and no matter how enthusiastic and encouraging I was, it wasn’t going to make Ava like the game of soccer. First of all, the team has to do a quiet cheer especially designed for Ava who cannot tolerate loud cheers for some reason. Then the coach generously started Ava in the game and Ava meandered out to the field, fiddled with some grass that was in her hands at the time, and when she got into her first little scuffle with the ball and the other players, she began to cry. The coach took her out, I stopped my videotape rolling and tried to muster up all the patience within me to ask her why she was crying and if she wanted another shot in the game. Then it began to rain the most enormous rain drops and I stood in the rain and watched Ava mope around the field completely uninterested in the sport of soccer. The only time I ever saw Ava light up was when the game was over and snacks were served. I only have about 10 more games of this. I want to quit.

In other news, happy 1st birthday to my cute nephew Ronin! We had a birthday party for him and he got presents, the company and friends, and of course, cake. What could be better really?

I yearn for simplification in my life that I most certainly do not have, but I am sure I am on this path for a reason. I am supposed to be here on this rocky path headed to the unknown. I must admit that sometimes I want to veer off the path and run for the hills, but this family is a team and we all need each other equally. So I will stay the course and see where this path leads me and hope that it is Hawaii. Okay, so it may not be Hawaii but perhaps it could end up somewhere peaceful and happy and maybe a little more simple.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


New Suicide-Inducing Schedule September 7, 2009

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After watching the movie Julie and Julia one week ago today I had such good intentions to do my blog writing more often in a week and to cook more delicious meals for my family. Instead, I seem to be stuck just writing my once a week blog because this is what my life dictates that I do. I cannot possibly find the time or the subject matter to fill more than one blog a week at this point, and that is just fine. The cooking on the other hand is a disappointment. I discovered in a week that I think I only cooked two home cooked meals. Ava eats almost nothing I prepare for dinner, as I have previously blogged (“oh mom, we’re having this!” in her most disgusted voice) and the babies have taken to throwing more food on the ground than in their mouths. Sometimes I even get the fake out – I’m going to throw it on the ground hand gesture to the ground motion. . . no, I am going to eat it hand gesture to the mouth. . . just kidding, I am going to really throw it on the ground with food flying in all directions. I have found food on my blinds and all over my walls. My point being I feel that my cooking is underappreciated and sometimes I wonder if it is at all worth my time. But Ava hating dinner and the babies throwing food is merely an excuse not to take the time — oh so much time – to plan, shop and prepare meals. On Friday night Chris had cereal and I had popcorn for dinner. Pathetic.

Anyway, I have been seriously strugging with some changes from my year long routine that I have come to cherish more than I knew until it was gone. Ava is no longer out of the house and in school in the mornings, but instead she is in school in the afternoons. Preston has decided against the morning nap which usually puts all the babies back in bed by 8:30 or 9am until around 11am. Last year this gave me a whopping 2 hours of alone time to catch up on housework, read, write my blog, get myself a mocha or just do whatever I pleased in the morning hours. Now I find myself the morning entertainment for Ava who is certifiably high maintenance and Preston who is high maintenance only on account of the fact that he is only 18 months old. My nannies don’t come until 10am and that is a long stretch of rigorous activity from the time we are up at 6:30am until relief arrives. Just before I was about to either run away or end it all, Chris came up with a simple solution: shift the nanny to earlier the morning and leaving earlier in the day. Superb. He saw that the mothership was about to sink and he figured out a way to bucket the water out just in the nick of time. The new plan goes into effect this coming week and I am currently working on a new schedule to occupy the kids in the awake hours throughout the day.

I have posted below some pictures from Ava’s 5th birthday party at Cake Stuff today. Ava and her friends decorated cookies to take home with them and then they had ice cream sundaes. Ava had lots of fun and so did her friends. Ava’s real birthday is on Tuesday and although she doesn’t care much about asking for presents or what she is getting for presents on her birthday, she did want to make sure that I had the house decorated with a Happy Birthday banner ON her ACTUAL birthday and that I had birthday cake.

I would like to note that there is a picture of the back of Preston’s head because what the &%$# is up with that weird frizz head? And then the random picture of Violet is there to display what her hair is becoming . . . more mullet folks. Chris stated tonight she could possibly win the bad hair of the year award with her persistently thick shaggy mullet. I hereby refuse to cut either one of these heads of hair because I am curious as to what these strange heads of hair are going to amount to month to month. The color, lovely. The texture, frizzy. The style, manely atrocious.

The birthday girl and the chosen one just moments before departure Ronin enjoying the partay
Ava very much enjoying her sundae

The girls are decorating

Pirate/chef Cole and his lovely apprentice

A true cookie decorator isn’t afraid to get her hands messy

My girlfriends

Ava showing off her work to Auntie

Elsa puts on her bakers hat


I asked Ava why she thinks it’s okay to not tell the truth. Ava said “because I keep forgetting to put my thinking into my memory.” Chris texted me this Ava-ism after she said this on the way to soccer practice last Monday. If you ever tell a lie, you may want to refer to this Ava-ism because it worked rather well for Ava.