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Kid Personalities May 11, 2009

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These lazy little triplets still aren’t walking and it beginning to drive me crazy! I think the problem is that they are such proficient crawlers that they find no real need to evolve to the walk. Plus, they see their siblings crawling and I think they just follow each other. Elsa is closest to walking. She could walk if she would practice more but I feel like she views walking as a funny trick rather than a necessity of life. Preston could absolutely walk if he wanted to, but Preston does everything in his own sweet time and I guess it is not his time. Violet is practicing to be the fastest crawling toddler on the West Coast. She will hopefully be walking by the time she is 18 months old.

Most people tell me that all hell is going to break lose (in their opinion) when the triplets begin to walk. They will be going in all different directions and I will be chasing after them like a maniac. These people don’t have multiples. The truth is that they are already doing that with their crawling. The truth is that I cannot wait for these kids to get up off of all fours and walk so I can have them walk places behind me instead of picking them up and carrying them to get them from A to B. Yes, they could crawl but it isn’t the fastest method of transportation so mainly I have to carry them. Instead of carrying two babies to their seats for lunch or downstairs I can just grab them by the hands and walk with them.

In other news, Chris is gone the entire week again which leaves me managing the household with the help of Nanny Laura and Nanny Kathy of course. But it is hard because my morning starts at 6am and there are the needs of the babies and then there are the needs of Ava. Ava needs her warm apple cider (when is that going to end?), breakfast, to get dressed for school, and her hair done (lots of screaming and overdramatics). The babies need their morning bottle, the first round of diaper changes, the second round of poopy diaper changes, breakfast, and lots of attention. Somewhere in there I have to get dressed and make myself look at least semi-decent for the preschool dropoff at 8:45. Mornings by myself are crazy. I must say that after I drop Ava off I go to Starbucks and sit down with my coffee and feel that I have really accomplished something. What, I am not sure. But something.

Then there are the nights by myself which is basically like the mornings except I have to put 4 kids to bed by myself. I am really lucky though because putting my kids to bed is easy. They all go right down and hardly complain. I have trained them well.

As you can probably imagine, the triplets don’t get out much after about 5pm. In fact, I don’t know if they have been out on the town at all past 5pm since our disastrous experience at Islands when they were 3 months old. Anyway, we decided to take the whole family to Blue Oak Elementary School’s (Ava’s school for K-5) for a Spring Fling. There was a band, food, bounce houses, games, etc. We fed the babies their dinner and bottle by 5:30pm and headed out to the Spring Fling with our Choo Choo wagon. We had so much fun. The babies were in awe of the loud music, all the people around and just sat in their wagons and observed. They were great little people. We left at 7pm and chalked the experience up to a success. It was nice to go somewhere with the whole family.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! I had a very nice day. First of all I got to sleep in which was to 7am and then lay in bed and wake up nice and slowly – a real luxury for me. Then, Chris presented the most beautiful hand made accordian style card/scrapbook with pictures, poems and cards from himself and from Ava. It was so special. My mom and I went and got a facial that morning and then went and had a sandwhich. It was so nice to be outside sans kids on such a lovely day. Later in the day we had a great barbecue at our house that my dad organized with Molly, Nima, Ronin and my mom and dad and grandpa. It was a really nice day.

The babies are so cute lately. They are really interacting with each other and loving each other and fighting as well. Preston bites, Violet hits and Elsa steals everyones toys and is usually the recipient of the biting and hitting. We have been taking them in the hot tub and they love it. Elsa cannot be contained. We have to put water wings on her and watch her bob around the hot tub out of control, her head going under from time to time. We put Violet in a baby raft and she lays her bed back and stretches her arms out and relaxes. Preston likes to sit on the step and splash around, being very cautious not to fall in the pool. Ava cannot contain her excitement that her sisters and brother are in the water with her. Managing her is as difficult as managing the triplets. It is fun though.

Their personalities are really coming through more each day. Elsa is the sweet troublemaker. She has a heart of gold but is constantly doing things she isn’t supposed to all day. She climbs to the top of the computer desk in the playroom about 20 times a day and we have to go get her down. She has figured out how to get under the gate at the top of the stairs and so she does. I am afraid she will teach her brother and sister and then our gate will be useless and we will have triplets falling down the stairs all day. If the net wasn’t on the pool, Elsa would crawl right over and back herself down into the water. But she is the most friendly and sweet kid. You just can’t help but want to eat her up.

Violet is giving kisses all day long. She is my lover and my cuddler. She hugs and kisses and lays her little head down on your shoulder. She is very curious about everything she sees. I love Violet because she laughs so hard and cries so hard. She does everything with conviction. She loves to read books – but prefers to flip through them on her own. She loves playing with her brother and sister but if they cross her that little hand whips out and hits them so fast you can barely see it happening. She is good at playing by herself and is pretty easy going most of the time.

Preston is my boy. He loves his momma so much. He only wants me if I’m around. He wants me to hold him and cuddle him. He is starting to have a great time playing peekaboo with his sisters. His favorite thing is to drive his truck all around the house in circles all day. He drives it so fast he is practically running – with straight legs because he isn’t bending his knees. It is pretty funny. Preston loves to take things out of containers and throw them over his shoulder. It is dangerous sitting in his vicinity when he is in toy chucking mode.

Ava is a great big sister. She is demanding a “big sister day” like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. She isn’t kidding either. She honestly wants to know when it is going to be Big Sister Day. I really think I may need to make one up for her because she does deserve it.

We took tons of pictures over the weekend but I will post them next week.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


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