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Bon Voyage April 1, 2009

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Ava and Violet – 2 peas in a pod

My sweet boy

The babies LOVE playing in their big sister’s bedroom

Elsa Marin

Violet June – she is such a love

Their first popsicles. They could take em or leave em.

All three of them are always stealing off of each other’s trays

Aloha! We are headed to Kauai bright and early tomorrow morning and I am still in disbelief that we are going. Seriously. I told Chris this morning that I will be happy when we are on the plane because for now it is still surreal and I have so much to do to get ready. Plus, I have never ever left my babies and I feel a little sad about that. I very much need the break from the babies and my hectic lifestyle here at the house, but I will miss those sweet little babies so much when I am away from them. And I know they will miss me also. But, once I am poolside or oceanside with a book in one hand and a mai tai in the other I think I will be okay.

This is what our kitchen counter looked like all week last week – our very own pharmacy. First, everyone had the ear infections and bronchitis and blah blah blah. Then, all the kids got a bout of the stomach flu and last Saturday was one of the most miserable days we have had yet. All the babies were throwing up and had terrible diarrhea. Elsa is on a new antibiotic because the other one never cleared up her ear infection. Well, the new antibiotic gives her even worse diarrhea than the stomach flu did and it has given her a diaper rash like I have never seen on a kid before. She is miserable. On Saturday Ava had a 102 fever on top of everything else and she was really sick. It was a horrible day and I just kept thinking – oh god, please get better by Thursday when we leave for Hawaii. Well, today Elsa is still miserable from a terrible diaper rash and I have a call in for something to help her, but all the other kids are doing much better thank goodness.
Dick and Sherri are in training as we speak, getting a final boot camp to know exactly how to take care of three babies at the same time. They have been here so much in the past that they have a pretty firm grasp on the routine, but as the babies get older, the routine changes. For instance, they are no longer taking any formula, only whole milk, and only twice a day as opposed to four times a day. They all like to climb up the stairs on their own now which is so cute to watch. Anyway, everyday brings something new with 3 13 month old babies. Chris and I are eternally grateful to Dick and Sherri for taking care of our babes while we go on vacation.
Well, I have too much to do so I guess I will go to work – there are mani pedis for Ava and I to be done today and then we have to get our hair done, etc. etc. Oh, and somewhere in there I will pack and get ready to go!
Until next time, the mothership is signing off. Aloha!

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