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Funny Little Triplets March 2, 2009

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Now that we have passed the one year mark with the triplets life is getting crazy over here! Yesterday afternoon I was bustling around the house trying to get things picked up quickly and I noticed the kids in the playroom were being very quiet. What good little triplets. They are playing so nicely, so quietly while I am trying to get some housework done. Finally, I couldn’t stand it anymore so I went to check on them quickly and this is what I saw:

Violet had climbed to the top of Ava’s computer desk and was passing out CD’s that were on top of the desk like she was a rock star on stage. Her adoring fans (Elsa and Preston) were below on the ground cheering her on and loving her style as she frolicked on top of the desk. I couldn’t believe the scene. I wish I had it on videotape now. So, I removed her from her throne and went to change Preston’s poopy diaper on the playroom floor. As I am madly wiping I look over and within about 10 second Violet had made it to the top of the computer desk and was banging on Ava’s keyboard and teetering on the edge; one false move and I can envision her falling and banging the back of her head on the seat bench on the way down. So I leave Preston in his poopy mess and hope that he doesn’t roll and spread his feces all over the playroom so I can save Violet from potential brain damage. The minute I set Violet back on the ground she speed races to the top of the desk again and laughs that naughty Violet laugh. I had to put her outside my once very safe playroom so I can finish changing Preston’s diaper. So now I have to determine what to do about the computer desk; do I move it to the family room or do I try and find a gate to put around the desk so Violet can’t climb it?
The babies are obsessed with my Roomba – you know, my vacuum that vacuumes the house on its own. Well, now I can’t have it on in the same room as the babies because they scurry over to it and turn it off and then turn it on and then turn it off. They do this over and over for sheer entertainment. Sometimes one of them will hitch a little ride on it as they are trying to turn it off and the Roomba will carry them around the room as it attempts to clean my floor. Oy. And the thing with multiples is you always have one clever baby or one daring baby or a baby that is extra curious about something that day and once they start to do something the other babies learn from them and then you have three babies who are doing something you don’t want them to do. It is very amusing and a lot of work at the same time.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before but Violet is my violent child. I know she does not try to hurt the other kids but she is fast and she is rough and I often find her beating up on the other kids. Even when Ava gets her face to close to Violet, Violet will whip that little hand out and in a split second she will rip Ava’s glasses from her face. Well, Violet’s favorite target is Preston. I am not sure why other than Preston has a very gentle and passive personality and she knows she gets maximum attention when she picks on him. So, yesterday Preston decided he has a very good technique to fight back with. Violet was next to him playing and she decided to start poking at his face and slamming her hands down on his bald little head. Preston turned to her and put his arms around her whole body like a big bear hug, opened his mouth nice and big and stuck it right on her face and then body slammed her to the ground. Violet couldn’t believe it. She didn’t know if she should cry or not but she was definitely shocked. So then the same thing happened this morning – the Preston body slam to the ground. I love the way he does it – as gently as he can and without a noise. And once she is down to the ground he picks his toy back up and continues to play like nothing happened. Violet looks at me for love, sympathy and support and I just tell her that she deserved it. Guess what? Violet hasn’t messed with Preston since early this morning. I think his strategy is working.

My boy Pres also likes to run behind his truck and his train. Elsa does also. Violet is the only baby who does not and I am sure this is because her little feet turn inward which makes it difficult for her to walk. Preston walks behind things with straight legs and a big smile on his face everytime. He hasn’t learned how to turn his vehicles so he just rams them into anything in his path including other people. It is really funny. He is a boy through and through.

Elsa who is normally very easy going and good natured has been very clingy lately. My best guess is that it is her teeth that are coming in. She has her two top teeth coming down and her two bottom teeth coming up. If I leave her side she cries and follows me and then clings to me for dear life. If I am on the ground, forget about it – Elsa grabs onto me with those hands of hers and she will not let go. I could stand up and I would have Elsa hanging from me like a little monkey. I guess she just needs me the most right now so I gave her the most attention today. The others just have to adapt and play more by themselves and their turn for neediness will come one day and then they will get more attention.

Chris and Ava are in SoCal this week. Chris had a meeting in San Diego and Ava went down to spend the week with Papa and Grandma. They have a lot of great things planned for Ava since nobody likes a bored Ava. It is quiet and lonely around this house without those two big mouthes. Ah well, I still have Violet’s big mouth in the meantime.
Until next time, the mothership is signing off.

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