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Babies Turning 1 and Octo-Mom February 20, 2009

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I am busy getting all the goodies together for the babies’ first birthday party. I am inviting close family and friends since it is indoors and I don’t want it to be too overwhelming and crowded. Grandma and Papa, the domestics, are driving up today to join in the 1st birthday and Ava can’t stop talking about their arrival. She is excited that they will be having “four sleepovers” at our house. Ava is a girl that lives life for the next social event. Every morning that child wakes up and asks me two things: “who is coming today” and “what are we doing today”. She would welcome a large gathering of friends and strangers at our house every day, all day long if that kind of thing was possible.

So, the Woolsey 6 is very excited that our babies are turning one on Sunday and at the same time we find it unbelievable. I feel like this year just disappeared and it makes me wonder if the following years will be the same. I am excited for the babies to get older and learn all the basic life skills and be able to play with Ava, so I won’t have to as much. At the same time, they are so cute and precious right now that I want to keep them little and cuddly forever! I am supposed to stop giving them formula and their bottle but I am not going to be able to cut them off just yet like I did when Ava was 1. First of all, they are pretty small for their age and they can use the nutrition in the formula and secondly, they are my babies and if I get rid of the bottles right now it means taking away part of their babyness (I know that isn’t a word by the way). So we will hang on to the bottles a few more months until we are all ready to let go.

The things I look forward to in the coming year in the life of Ava and the triplets are as follows:
Walking (I know I will regret this one)
Talking (and if they talk as much as Ava I will regret this one as well)
Playing with each other and Ava (I am sure they will NEVER fight – ha ha)
Ava starting Kindergarten (I still can’t spell that word without spell check – darn!)
My nannies to help (the reason I am still sane)
Swimming in the pool (that ought to be interesting)

So, there is a lot of talk in my world of higher order multiple moms of how the octo-mom has ruined things for us out there in the outside world. Some of my multiple compadres have experienced very rude comments such as “how irresponsible” and “what a shame” and “do you get government assistance for your quads?” when walking past since the story has broke. It is just unbelievable to me that people who don’t know anything about a person’s situation would say anything at all, let alone something rude. My friend Emily whose triplets are a month older than mine went to Costco the other day and four different people had asked her if she did IVF within 30 minutes of being in the store. Why on earth is that okay to ask or any of anyone’s business? Oh it is frustrating. The sad part for us is that we always get the rude and insensitive comments while out in the public with the babies, but according to other mom, it seems to be a little more intense and hostile since the story about the crazy Octuplet mom broke. Gee, I cannot wait for that. Anyway, we are all collaborating via email on some of our combacks that will be our standard reply when asked stupid intrusive comments like “did you do invetro”. Our response to that is, “no, my husband and I just had sex three times one night”.

Ava-ism for the week:
Ava lets out a big sigh in the car while Chris was driving. Chris says “what’s wrong Ava?” Ava replies “I am sad that people die.” Chris says, “what made you think of death?” Ava says “because great grandma died and when people die they don’t come back, and I won’t see great grandma again.”

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


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