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Triplets Turn 1! February 25, 2009

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Birthday Babies

Ava and Kei

The babies did not like birthday cake

Grandpa Mike and Violet June
Paul, Ava and Kei resting after a big party
On Saturday February 21st Ava was playing in the playroom and out of the blue she said to me “tomorrow is a very special day mom.” I stopped what I was doing and said “yes it certainly is Ava.” Ava was referring to her brother and sister’s first birthday and birthday party which was happening the next day.
I woke up on the 22nd feeling very emotional. I am not normally very sappy about such events like birthdays but this one felt special. It has obviously been a very big year for our family and we have been busy and sleep deprived and all sorts of emotions that changed every day. I think what made me feel so emotional was that my babies, the last babies I will ever have, were turning one marking a transition from babyhood to toddlerhood. It has been a special year and I cannot say I would want to go back and do it over again, but I do not look back on it with anything but delight. I know I can say the same for Chris as well.
The party went really well. Almost every single person invited showed up to the party which meant so much to us. Chris made a very special video chronicling from IVF through the kids first year of life. It is so special to have and I really think the kids will love it when they get older. We made a copy of the DVD for all four of the kids memory boxes.
After the birthday party was the afterparty. Our old college friends Lesley and Willie and their kids were in California visiting from Belgium where they recently moved and they showed up around 4 in the afternoon. Our other college friends Nicola and Paul and their son were at the birthday party and stayed late with all of us and it was like old times for the six of us. We ordered Thai food and marveled at how our lives have changed after so many years. By the time Chris and I went to bed we were absolutely exhauted, but it had been a great day.
The babies are doing new things literally every single day. Violet is clapping and saying “ball” and really responding to what she hears. She is very alert and still laughs her loud vivacious laugh all day long and when she cries, the house practically shakes. Preston is walking behind everything and smiles all the time. He is such a good little boy. Elsa is standing for a little bit by herself and walking behind things. She plays really well by herself. Elsa sleeps in the guest room, or as Ava calls it, the guessing bedroom, because she is a disturber. When Elsa is sleeping in the nursery with Violet and Preston, nobody seems to sleep very well. The babies interact a lot with each other. Sometimes they love each other and play well together and other times they fight. Violet is very possessive of her time with me. If I am holding her and reading her a book and her brother or sister come to listen she yells and cries and throws a little mini-tantrum and tries to hit the intrusive baby. She will get over it because —- newsflash Violet — you are a triplet!
Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


Babies Turning 1 and Octo-Mom February 20, 2009

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I am busy getting all the goodies together for the babies’ first birthday party. I am inviting close family and friends since it is indoors and I don’t want it to be too overwhelming and crowded. Grandma and Papa, the domestics, are driving up today to join in the 1st birthday and Ava can’t stop talking about their arrival. She is excited that they will be having “four sleepovers” at our house. Ava is a girl that lives life for the next social event. Every morning that child wakes up and asks me two things: “who is coming today” and “what are we doing today”. She would welcome a large gathering of friends and strangers at our house every day, all day long if that kind of thing was possible.

So, the Woolsey 6 is very excited that our babies are turning one on Sunday and at the same time we find it unbelievable. I feel like this year just disappeared and it makes me wonder if the following years will be the same. I am excited for the babies to get older and learn all the basic life skills and be able to play with Ava, so I won’t have to as much. At the same time, they are so cute and precious right now that I want to keep them little and cuddly forever! I am supposed to stop giving them formula and their bottle but I am not going to be able to cut them off just yet like I did when Ava was 1. First of all, they are pretty small for their age and they can use the nutrition in the formula and secondly, they are my babies and if I get rid of the bottles right now it means taking away part of their babyness (I know that isn’t a word by the way). So we will hang on to the bottles a few more months until we are all ready to let go.

The things I look forward to in the coming year in the life of Ava and the triplets are as follows:
Walking (I know I will regret this one)
Talking (and if they talk as much as Ava I will regret this one as well)
Playing with each other and Ava (I am sure they will NEVER fight – ha ha)
Ava starting Kindergarten (I still can’t spell that word without spell check – darn!)
My nannies to help (the reason I am still sane)
Swimming in the pool (that ought to be interesting)

So, there is a lot of talk in my world of higher order multiple moms of how the octo-mom has ruined things for us out there in the outside world. Some of my multiple compadres have experienced very rude comments such as “how irresponsible” and “what a shame” and “do you get government assistance for your quads?” when walking past since the story has broke. It is just unbelievable to me that people who don’t know anything about a person’s situation would say anything at all, let alone something rude. My friend Emily whose triplets are a month older than mine went to Costco the other day and four different people had asked her if she did IVF within 30 minutes of being in the store. Why on earth is that okay to ask or any of anyone’s business? Oh it is frustrating. The sad part for us is that we always get the rude and insensitive comments while out in the public with the babies, but according to other mom, it seems to be a little more intense and hostile since the story about the crazy Octuplet mom broke. Gee, I cannot wait for that. Anyway, we are all collaborating via email on some of our combacks that will be our standard reply when asked stupid intrusive comments like “did you do invetro”. Our response to that is, “no, my husband and I just had sex three times one night”.

Ava-ism for the week:
Ava lets out a big sigh in the car while Chris was driving. Chris says “what’s wrong Ava?” Ava replies “I am sad that people die.” Chris says, “what made you think of death?” Ava says “because great grandma died and when people die they don’t come back, and I won’t see great grandma again.”

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


Happy Hospital Anniversary To Me February 5, 2009

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They love their big sister
Naughty little girls playing with the toilet again

Sweet Elsa

Preston and Violet love swinging

Ava loves her little brother and kisses him all day

Our happy girl

Violet June

It has been a year since I went into the hospital for my three week stay. Looking back on that time I realize it touched all of my senses and when I look back on the time I lived in the hospital I don’t feel any bad feelings. Strangely, I feel nostalgia for that time; it was the calm before the storm. The hospital was a little bit of peace and a safe haven for me and my babies. I remember saying to myself, “this is the last rest I am going to get for a long time and I am going to take advantage of it.” And I did take advantage of it. I ordered three jellos at midnight, I watched many movies and trashy television shows, I read magazines, I ate greasy grilled cheese sandwiches and French fries, I wore hospital underwear (which, by the way are the most comfortable underwear), I went to bed late and got up late in the morning and I tried not to worry about what lie ahead. I did all of this in extreme discomfort as my belly grew to an unreasonable size.
The things that conjure up nostalgia for me during my time in the hospital are as follows:
–The song If it’s Love by Citizen Cope that I would play over and over on my IPOD. When I hear it today it brings me right back to the hospital bed. My sister downloaded it to my IPOD for me right when I got into the hospital – thanks sis!
–bodycology coconut lime lotion that my friend Michele brought me, along with a thousand magazines and yummy snacks – thanks Michele!
–Doctor Zhivago – a very sweet nurse who took care of me brought me in a bag full of DVDs to watch and Doctor Zhivago was the first one I played. Such a great movie.
–Cranberry juice by Ocean Spray with lots of ice. I would wake up every morning and be so thirsty I thought I would die. I would press my little call button and ask for my tall glass of cranberry juice on ice first thing when I woke up.
–Cold showers
Every day in the hospital I thought about how difficult my life would be when three babies came home from the hospital and Chris and I had to take care of them and Ava. I told myself I would never sleep again. I truly believe that this mindset saved me because I had convinced myself that it would be so hard having newborn triplets at home that when it actually happened it didn’t seem as hard as I told myself it would be. Don’t get me wrong; it is very hard. Yet, I think having Chris as a great hands-on dad, pretty easy babies and having wonderful nannies to help me out makes this journey a pleasurable one.
Well, the babies are very active now. They all crawl very fast and are getting in to everything. Last night Chris and I were putting the babies to bed and Chris was putting Elsa down and I was doing something – I can’t remember what it was – but in that single minute left alone, Violet was found playing in the trash and toilet water in the bathroom and Preston had made his way to Ava’s nightstand and was sucking every last drop of medicine he could out of her medicine dropper.
Yesterday I took two of the babies outside in the backyard and let them crawl around on the hard cold cement. Of course they immediately gravitated to the hot tub which didn’t have the net on it at the time. All Violet wanted to do was crawl the perimeter of the hot tub and all Preston wanted to do was lean over and splash his little hands in the freezing cold water. That is when it really hit me: this is going to be a hard summer with three babies in this adult designed backyard. First of all, the net will always have to be on the pool and spa if the babies are going to be out in the backyard. Secondly, I need to buy some mats and a little play structure to give the babies something to do out in the backyard other than try and drown themselves in our pool. By summer they will all be walking which will just be more challenging to control them. I’m exhausted just thinking about it.
This week Elsa had the beginning of Bronchitis which she is on antibiotics for. Ava had strep which she is on antibiotics for, and she threw up four times yesterday morning. Preston and Violet are just now getting over their colds. Poor little Ronin is also sick with RSV since he was exposed to Ava the day she was getting sick. Have I mentioned before how much I hate wintertime? Oh well, I am halfway through it now and I am dreaming of springtime frolicking in the poppies.
Until next time, the mothership is signing off.