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Sicko Part 2 January 25, 2009

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Elsa playing with the diaper pail – that’s sanitary

My little munchkins playing together

My sweet baby boy

Elsa getting a little Sagie love – also very sanitary

Sage yawning – all these babies are sooooooo boring

Ava and her great big smile

Well, the mothership has sunk once again. I am now on a mission to explore why I am always getting sick. I am always the first in this house to get sick, and then I give it to everyone else in the house and it is a bad scene. Well, this time I have strep. I went to lunch with Angela on Friday knowing I had a little sore throat but by the time I got home I felt very weird. For the rest of the day I lay in bed with a fever, sore throat and general misery. Luckily Laura was around to help and I also thought that someone was looking out for me since I got sick on Friday, the first day Chris was back in a whole week. Welcome home Chris; now you get to take care of 4 kids by yourself. So far, no one else has my strep but it is still early. I am on antibiotics and I relish in every pill I get to take to rid me of this wretched illness. The mothership will rise again and will start eating better and exercising and maybe that will prevent an illness or two in the future. I will mention though, that my dear, sweet husband turned to me last night as I had pryed myself from my bed to help feed the babies and get dinner myself, and said the following: “what are the chances that you made this whole illness up so you could get a whole day of rest in bed?” I had no comment to that other than, I’m blogging that. But Chris has been a great superdad, running around the house taking care of all the kids and making sure they are fed and taken well care of. It is hard for me to sit back in the bed and not have full control over the babies, but I am doing my best.
The kids are all doing so great and we are doing great with them since the babies are on such a fantastic schedule. It goes like this everyday and it does not deviate except for maybe a half an hour variance.
6am-6:30am – rise and shine
6:30 – bottle #1
7:30am- breakfast
8:30am – nap #1
10:30am – rise from nap and bottle #2

11:30 – lunch

1pm – nap #2
2:30 – rise from nap and bottle #3
5pm – dinner
6pm – bottle #4
6:30 – bedtime!

It is a nice schedule. The babies like it and they tell me by being happy and never complaining when they go down to sleep. They know what to expect and they like having their schedule to count on. The only problem with such a strict schedule is getting time to take the babies out of the house. I have guilt about them being in the house so much but I do try and remind myself that it is winter and once spring and summer get here we can go to the park and go swimming each day.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.

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